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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SIFF supports beach soccer development in North Malaita through TARD

By Joseph Boso, SIFF

The Solomon Islands Football Federation proved its commitment to supporting the development of beach soccer in the grassroots areas by supplying 15 beach soccer balls to the Malu’u Beach Soccer Committee. The handover was witnessed by the local media and representatives of the national beach soccer administrative body.

Speaking at the handover, the SIFF General Secretary, Eddie Ngava, said that this is a historical moment for football development in Solomon Islands. ‘This is the first time for SIFF to assist a local association directly,’ Ngava added. The SIFF General Secretary added that his office is happy with the work that has been done in Malu’u. ‘They came to us with a proposal for assistance and we are happy to respond because they have already done some ground work.’ Ngava stressed that SIFF is willing to support similar initiatives elsewhere in the country where concrete work has been seen.

The balls were received by the To`abaita Authority for Research and Development (TARD) representatives in Honiara. TARD is a non-profitable and non-governmental organisation set up by students from the North Malaita region. Its aim is to support rural development and community projects including sports development. It was formed in 2007.

The TARD Project Coordinator, Hudson Kalaeda, thanked SIFF for recognising their efforts and supporting their association’s endeavour to foster peace and harmony in the region. ‘We are receiving this equipment on behalf of the people and TARD will make sure that the equipment is used to benefit the people it is for,’ Kalaeda said. Kalaeda also said that his organisation looks forward to working with SIFF in the future for sports development.

‘Currently, our players are using standard soccer balls for beach soccer, even for myself this is the first time for me to see a beach soccer ball,’ TARD spokesperson Peter Fairamo said. Fairamo said that he believed that this support will encourage more young and old players to play beach soccer in North Malaita.

A representative of the Solomon Islands Beach Soccer Committee, Samson Faisi, said that his committee is very happy with the initiative that TARD is taking to develop the sport in the North Malaita. ‘We encourage other associations to see this as an example and make steps to develop their own leagues.’

A number of other associations have expressed the desire to run beach soccer leagues following the continued success of the National Beach Soccer Team in the Oceania region. Gizo and Vella la Vella in the Western Province are rumoured to be planning their own leagues.

TARD will also receive 5 soccer balls from SIFF. The soccer balls will be handed over when they arrive from New Zealand.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Team Solomon Islands welcomed by Takitumu School in Cook Islands

Team Solomon Islands received a rousing welcome on Saturday morning from Takitumu School which was supported by the Te Maeva Nui team from Mauke.

An early morning arrival, breakfast and then a formal welcome after an already long flight from their homeland was a tall order but Team Solomon Islands were gracious in their participation and appreciation of the welcome they received. The children provided a traditional turou as the team was led to the formal welcoming area by the local (Matavera) member of parliament, Cassey Eggelton. She was accompanied by the MP for Mauke, Mapu Taia. The Mauke Te Maeva Nui team added their support and they also had the honour of welcoming Team Solomon Islands into the BCI Stadium on Monday afternoon at the Grand Opening of the Pacific Mini Games.

The school was blessed with a beautiful sunny morning to welcome Team Solomon Islands into their school where they will be hosted for the next two weeks. After a prayer by the minister of the local CICC, Rev Moetaua, the flag of the Solomon Islands was raised while the children accompanied the team in singing the Solomon Islands national anthem.

Formal welcomes were given by the principal of Takitumu School, Engai Pate; the MP for Matavera, Cassey Eggelton; and the MP for Mauke, Mapu Taia.

The visiting team responded through the permanent secretary of the Solomon Islands Ministry of Home Affairs and Sports, Fred Fakari’i.

The students then sang their rendition of the Pacific Mini Games song, Share the Moments. Solomon Islands chef de mission made a special presentation to Takitumu School at their welcome ceremony.

There had been lots of discussion about adoptions in the welcoming speeches. Team Solomon Islands had been adopted by Takitumu School and by the Mauke Te Maeva Nui Team, and Takitumu School had been adopted by CITC. Together they were one very large family.

Chef de mission, Atu Kauekana, reinforced this bond by offering a bride price, in the form of special ceremonial beads. These were bound around the leaders to forge harmonious relationships between tribes. By presenting them to the school he was paying a bride price to “buy” Takitumu School thus forever cementing good relationships between the Solomon Islands and the Cook Islands.

Tree planting to remember visit

Who knows when they will be able to return to Rarotonga, but Team Solomon Islands will have left something to remind them and the students of Takitumu School that they were here in 2009. After the formal welcome ceremony, Fred Fakari’i, permanent secretary of the ministry of home affairs and support of the Solomon Islands team planted a special tree to commemorate the occasion.

Several trees that were planted at this event were donated by CITC who has adopted Takitumu School as part of its “Adopt-a-School” sponsorship programme for the Pacific Mini Games.

Games Mascot

Kuki the Kukupa which is the official mascot of the games is a Cook Islands Fruit Dove (Maori name – kukupa). The kukupa has a green plumage and yellow on the underside with a red patch on lower breast; a magenta cap and white tail tip.
The kukupa is the Cook Islands’ most colourful native bird. It is common in the mountainous forests of Rarotonga, and in Makatea forest of ‘Ātiu, making it endemic to two islands of the Cook Islands.

Kuki represents the Cook Islands colours (green, white and yellow) as well as green, yellow and red of the Pacific Mini Games colours.

Source: Pacific Mini Games 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

TARD supported North Malaita School Carnival ends successfully

Results forwarded by Lensley Kwaimani, Malu'u

The TARD-supported North Malaita 1-week School Sports Carnival which started on Monday 14th September 2009 was successfully completed last week with the following results:

Primary School Overall Ranking

1st - Madalua Primary School (174 points)
2nd - Uluga Primary School (166 points)
3rd - Walo Primary School (140 points)
4th - Fo'ondo Primary School (136 points)
5th - Manakwai Primary School (124 points)
6th - Afufu Primary School (121 points)
7th - Bita'ama Primary School (113 points)
8th - Sikwafata Primary School (110 points)
9th - Rate Primary School (88 points)
9th - Gwaiau Primary School (88 points)
10th - Musukui Primary School (77 points)
11th - Mamako Primary School (69 points)

Primary Consolation Awards

* Fairest team - Mamako Primary School
* Fairest player - Lensley Delemani (Manakwai Primary School)
* Golden shoe - Stanley (Madalua Primary School)

Secondary School Overall Ranking

1st - Walo Community High School (153 points)
2nd - Bita'ama Community High School (144 points)
3rd - Manakwai Community High School (92 points)

Secondary Consolation Awards

* Fairest team - Manakwai Community High School
* Fairest player - Victor Liubaro(Bita'ama Community High School)
* Golden shoe - Alrick (Walo Community High School)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Five in Solomon Islands selected for Australian Sports Outreach Program funding 2009-2010

Five sporting applicants from the Solomon Islands have been selected to benefit from the 2009-2010 Australian Sports Outreach program (ASOP) funding support.

The five successful projects for 2009-2010 are:

1. SIPA United: AU$7,000 – support for a soccer tournament in Bellona encouraging female participation in the sport.

2. Lavukal Primary Schools Sports Carnival: AU$3,820 – revival of an annual multi-school sports carnival to promote active participation in sport.

3. Solomon Islands Cricket Association: AU$2,745 – coaching and development of school-based junior cricket competition.

4. North Vellalavella Constituency Sports Association: AU$5,000 – school and community-based multi-sport coaching and development program.

5. Solomon Islands Tennis Federation: AU$10,000 – continuation and expansion of a junior tennis program encouraging physical activity and health promotion.

The Australian Sports Outreach Program (ASOP) has been operating since 2006 and is managed by the Australian Sports Commission. Its goal is to increase capacity to deliver inclusive sports based programs that contribute to social development.

ASOP Pacific Sport Development Grants (SDG) aim to provide funding assistance to targeted small-medium size community sport development projects in predominantly Commonwealth countries not normally assisted under the Pacific component of the ASOP.

Solomon Student Association at USP elects new office bearers

The Solomon Islands Student Association (SISA) at the University of the South Pacific in Suva has a new executive, which was elected yesterday.

The new office bearers are Mr Laban Honimae (President), Peter Damian Tura (Vice-President), Modesta Toiraena (Secretary) and Rocklive Poloso (Treasurer).

In the election results, Laban Honimae collected 193 votes ahead of Martin Kafao who got 92 votes for the position of President. For Vice-Presidency, Peter Damian Tura obtained 191 votes ahead of Patrick Balou. Modesta Toiraena (Secretary) got a close victory with 144 votes ahead of 142 for Leotina Fono. For the Treasurer's post, Rocklive was declared the winner after collecting 223 ahead of Ken Finet's 62 votes.

Chairman of the Electoral committee - Solomon Islands students Association (Laucala campus), Mr David Manetiva says the student voters' turn-out was 47% attributed to the bad weather in Suva.

The formal handing over from the outgoing SISA Executive to the newly elected SISA Executive is expected very soon at a date to be announced by the outgoing SISA Executive.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hekari FC of PNG beats Real Kakamora of SI in friendly match

PNG club champions Hekari United are one up after a 3-1 victory over Real Kakamora FC of Solomon Islands in their first of two friendly internationals hosted by United at the Lloyd Robson Oval in Port Moresby on Tuesday.

Today, both teams will meet for their second match.

Hekari won the match 3-1, courtesy of Kema Jack, Fijian import Tuimasi Manuca and Erickson Komeng goals to put them in front of the visitors, who were in PNG as part of PNG’s Independence Day celebrations this week.

The PNG champions also fielded a strong team as part of their preparations for the upcoming O-League Challenge.

Making their presence fielt were the Muta brothers Cyril (fullback) and David (midfield), their fellow West New Briton Desmond Waluka at the goal mouth, backliners Hugo Kamba of mixed African and Madang parentage, Koriak Upaiga, Benjamin Mela and Enoch Abraham in the midfield and Jack and Manuca in the front line.

Nothing must be taken away, however, from the visitors as former Port Moresby-based players David Taro and Paul Usumae continued to make their presence known on the field by physically leading their unsuccessful charges.

Usumae is the founding coach of PRK Souths when they first entered the NSL competition before he was sidelined to make way for incumbent Jerry Allen, while Taro was with CMSS Tigers Rapatona last year.

The visitors wasted no time in attack when referee Job Minan penalised United’s fullback Upaiga for a handball in the penalty area, which Taro kicked to go one up.

The match seesawed until the 38th minute when ace striker Jack headed a good cross from Benjamin Mela for the equaliser.

Mela is a specialist kicker in the NSL competition, especially in taking penalty and corner kicks, which sometimes caught the opposition off-guard. The same applied in this case.

In the second half, United coach Jerry Allan made sure their goals counted when he instructed his boys to bombard the opposition’s territory at will.

Tuimasi, who proved a valuable buy for Hekari, made sure of a good cross by Mela from a penalty to head the ball into the net to put the home team in front 2-1.

Kakamora played good football with one-touch passes and long range passes across the field but failed to find the net.

Flanker Junior Kluivert, Usumae until replaced by Brandy Bebeni, midfielder and captain Ian Ngahugari, fullback Edyka Maeta, Richard Mama and Huston Ray played strongly for the visitors.

Source: The National

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TARD-supported School Carnival commences in North Malaita

By Lensley Kwaimani, Malu'u

The Sports Carnival organised by the Zone 1 Sports Carnival Committee in North Malaita finally eventuated on Monday this week at Walo Community High School.

The Committee held an opening ceremony in the morning and followed by ball games right throughout the entire day.

In the opening program, the Principal of Walo Community High School Wilson Mani before delivering the welcome speech said, “the last time his school hosted such activity was ten years ago”, and he was delighted that his school was offered the opportunity to host the similar activity again this year.

Mani welcomed the representative of the Athletic Solomons sent by the Malaita Sports Council, Simon Mauta, the Landowning groups, the Chairman of the Sports Carnival Committee and his executive, parents and all the participating schools.

Chairman of the organizing committee Joseph Agalo said, “he is thankful for the Principal and his school for offering to host the 2009 sports carnival and to see Manakwai Community High School coming into the program this year”.

Agalo also made assurances that this year the competitors will be experiencing new encounters.

He said, “in the past the children had never been awarded with medals but this year they will be awarded with medals”.

He added, “whistle was mostly used as starter for the athletes but now they will be using pistols”.

Also in the assurances he said “the children and the properties in the school are well secured because the committee has employed the services of security personnel”.

He urged the public to behave well as this is children activity program and he would like everybody to respect each other for a peaceful week.

The Chairman also made his acknowledgement in the speech.

He thanked the Tobaita Authority for Research and Development (TARD) for their financial support which enabled the new encounter of medals for the children.

And he also thanked the media (Solomon Star, SIBC and PAOA FM) for putting their programs to the public prior to the actual program.

The guest of honour for the program was the Honourable Minister for Sports from the Malaita Provincial Government Mr. Philip Taloinao.

Taloinao said “, he is happy to be invited and to witness this annual program”. He further added by encouraging the students to improve on whatever skills they’re good at”.

Mr. Taloinao kindly asked the parents to allow their children to develop on their acquired skills as this will also meet their needs in the end.

The opening program was concluded by the handing over of the torch relay button.

In the handing over of the button the sprinter of Bita’ama CHS Mr. Danny handed the torch relay button to a representative of Walo CHS after he sprinted around the field with the flame once.

The Sport Carnival this year has a total of twelve competing schools. The schools were from Manakwai CHS in the Tobaita to Madalua in the Mbaelelea. –By Lensley Kwaimani

On Monday 14th the results of the ball games are as below.

Primary Soccer (Junior Division)

Rate Vs Gwaiau
Rate 1, Gwaiau 0

Fo’ondo Vs Madalua
Fo’ondo 1, Madalua 0

Uluga Vs Afufu
Uluga 1, Afufu 1

Musukui Vs Manakwa
Musukui 0, Manakwai 0

Walo Vs Uluga
Walo 1, Uluga 1

Primary Soccer (Senior Division)

Sikwafata Vs Rate
Sikwafata 1, Rate 0

Mamako Vs Fo’ondo
Mamako 0, Fo’ondo 2

Afufu Vs Walo
Afufu 0, Walo 0

Manakwai Vs Bita’ama
Manakwai 0, Bita’ama 2

Primary Volley Ball (Girls)

Rate Vs Uluga
Rate 0, Uluga 2

Bita’ama Vs Musukui
Bita’ama 1, Musukui 1

Fo’ondo Vs Manakwa
Fo’ondo 2, Manakwai 0

Musukui Vs Afufu
Musukui 0, Afufu 2

Manakwai Vs Mamako
Manakwai 1, Mamako 1

Secondary Soccer (Boys)

Walo one Vs Bita’ama one
Walo one 0, Bita’ama one 4

The programme is expected to be completed on Friday this week.

Source: Solomon Star

Monday, September 14, 2009

Latest Tourism news brief from the Solomon Islands

Trade Facilitation Workshop to start today

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is hosting a one-week Trade Facilitation workshop for all stakeholders starting today in Honiara. Business organisations and relevant government department particularly the Customs have been invited to participate. This workshop will involve discussions on customers procedures and other obligations regarding imports and exports,tariffs, taxes for businesses and how these could be made more effective.

Tourism Mini Show to be staged in Tulagi on October 1 2009

The Tourism Office in Tulagi, Central Province will be organising a mini Tourism and Trade show on October 1 2009. This festival is planned to showcase the Central Province's handicrafts, dances, food and other items of interest for residents of Tulagi and the province. Plans are underway to get interested people from Honiara to travel to Tulagi for the day.

Applications for Shanghai closed

Applications for the positions in Shanghai 2010 have closed over the weekend. According to the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau, a total of 34 applications were received for the 4 positions to manage the booth and 3 applications for the journalism positions. All these positions will be funded by the Chinese government through the Shanghai Organising committee. Shortlisting will take place this week and interviews should commence in two weeks.

Solomon Islands Tourism Industry Association (SITIA) has new Logo and Motto

The Solomon Islands Tourism Industry Association (SITIA) has a new logo and motto (see below).

These were selected from the numerous entrants in the recent competition launched by the association.

The winner of the logo competition is Mr Kennedy Bubulu, a well known local artist who has numerous artistic work in several organisations including the ANZ bank, Henderson International airport and BSP. On the other hand the winner of the motto competition is Mr Layson Leve, a student at the USP Honiara campus. The winners collect $1000 cash prize each. The new look motto and logo will boost the image of the association in promoting itself as the voice of the industry.

National Shanghai committee get special Fares offer from Air Pacific

The national Shanghai committee has been offered special fares by Air Pacific for next year's expo in Shanghai, China. The special return airfare to Shanghai is approximately SBD$7,000 commencing from 1 January 2010. Other participating countries at the World expo have taken up the offer. The Solomon Islands committee is yet to make an official announcement of their acceptance of the special air fares.

Solomon Islands Country Theme Statement for Shanghai 2010

Shanghai World Tourism expo 2010 has "Better City, Better Life" as its Theme statement. As such all participating countries are required to come up with their own Theme statements that is relevant to the main theme.

Solomon Islands have come up with their Theme Statement as "Culture and Nature in harmony for a better life".

The statement was created by Mr. Dennis Marita, a staff member of the Culture Division of the Ministry of Tourism. According to the committee, the statement reflects the importance of culture, tradition and values in our society, blending it with our natural environment to offer a best chance for a better life and future for our people.

Local Tourism students at SICHE experience Events management first hand

Local students studying Events Management at the SICHE School of Tourism and Hospitality got first class experience in their field of study when they built and set up the cat walk for the Sports queens last week. The students who are being lectured by Joyce Maetoloa, Solomon Host CEO had the experience with the help of their lecturer. According to the students, it was great fun and also a great learning experience especially on how to set a catwalk and also how to decorate it. The students got free entrance to watch the catwalk which featured sports wear, contemporary and evening wear.

"It was simply fantastic" according to one student. The students are planning field trips and other small events for the rest of the year.

Zome moves to improve service standards

Staff of Zome Accommodation and Taxi service will be undertaking training in Customer Service, House-keeping and Tour Guiding in a fortnights time. The initiative has been taken by owner Paza Mamu and his wife with the view of improving the level of service being provided by their employees. Mr. Mamu owns an accommodation, taxi base and hire car businesses. Solomon Host will be coordinating the training.

Shanghai World Tourism Expo looking for a Retailer

The Shanghai World Tourism Expo committee is looking for a Retailer to sell local products including handicrafts in the Pacific Pavilion next year. Interested retailers are required to contact the General Manager of SIVB Mr Michael Tokuru on (677) 22442 or email or contact the Pacific Pavilion Director Mrs Bernadette Rounds Ganilau on email or phone (679) 330 4177, fax (679) 330 1995.

Miss Solomons preparing for Miss South Pacific Beauty Pageant

Miss Solomon Islands 2009 Millicent Barty is preparing for the Miss South Pacific Beauty Pageant to be staged in Suva, Fiji in November 1 2009. Fundraising activities are being planned with her chaperons and Fundraising manager Mr James Wong. She will also continue to work in partnership with Miss Charity Susie Lam to conduct charity work. Plans are also underway for Miss Solomons to do some promotional work with the Shanghai committee in preparation for Shanghai World Tourism Expo in 2010.

Sports Queens helped raise funds for Taiwan Typhoon victims

Five of the 7 Sports queens helped the Chinese Association raised much needed funds for the Taiwan typhoon victims on Saturday night at a fundraising drive organised by Sir. Tommy Chan and the Chinese community. Patron of the committee Sir Peter Kenilorea was also present with the Governor General and Prime Minister. There was entertainment by Chung Wah School pupils. The Sports queens Millicent Barty (Miss Solomons 2009), Rabobo Toma, Lyndah Tito, Susie Lam and Sueling Niua helped to amuse the crowd with their traditional wear, sarong, coconut and talent shows. Sir Chan thanked the girls for their assistance and advised that another fundraising drive will take place again this weekend at the same venue.

Source: Solomon Host

Sunday, September 13, 2009

USP Vice-Chancellor highlights 2010 plans for the regional university

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of the South Pacific, Professor Rajesh Chandra last Friday higlighted 2010 plans for the university, in a packed graduation ceremony in Suva, Fiji.

In a ceremony that also marked the installation of the 16th USP Chancellor, His Excellency Honourable Marcus Stephen (President of the Republic of Nauru), Professor Chandra offered his congratulations to the 866 students that graduated.

Professor Chandra said in a speech that the University intends to grow its postgraduate enrolment not only through coursework-based Masters but more significantly through thesis-based Masters and PhDs.

Professor Chandra added that the University Council has approved the new Strategic Plan 2010-2012 in June 2009, which focuses on recovery, consolidation and reshaping the University for targeted expansion with student success and student support for learning at its core. The Plan has the theme of “Quality, Relevance and Sustainability” which encapsulates its developmental thrust for the next triennium.

The second document deals with the University's triennial submission which outlines its financial plans for the next three years. In preparing the Triennial Submission 2010-2012, the University was very mindful of the current financial challenges facing member countries, so for the first time it asked for a reduction rather than an increase in the overall government contributions. The University is awaiting the formal approval from the Ministers of Finance of the UGC recommendations.

For 2010, one of the major initiatives is a Total Academic Review, a key goal of our new Strategic Plan. This will involve a review of all our academic programmes and courses and will build on what we have already accomplished. The outcome of this Review is expected to be a more streamlined portfolio of programmes that are responsive to the demands of our students and their sponsors, and directly address the development challenges that confront our region today, said Professor Chandra.

"The new Japan-Pacific ICT Centre will open in March 2010, and we expect a significant increase in the range and quality of our ICT programmes and services. The USPNet broadband will be expanded substantially, with its speed at least doubled.

"The construction of a new student residential complex is also planned.

"The University will continue to implement recommendations of the Quality Audit Report. As part of nurturing quality, all gold medalists of USP will be guaranteed Graduate Assistantships from 2010."

Professor Chandra further stated that a new Human Resources Strategy will be developed to ensure that USP recruits the best people, inducts and develops them properly, assess their performance vigorously and fairly, and rewards them appropriately.

"The University will also finalize its Risk Management Plan, the international student recruitment strategy, the Campus Master Plan and its ICT Plan."

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sixty Five Solomon Islanders graduate at the University of the South Pacific today

Sixty five Solomon Islanders were among the many students that graduated from the University of the South Pacific (USP) in the graduation ceremony held today (Friday 11 September 2009) at the Vodafone Arena in Suva, Fiji.

The Solomon students, some of whom graduated in absentia, were admitted to various levels of attainment and fields ranging from Certificate to Master's degrees.

Below are the graduates under respective faculties. Highlighted in bold are To'abaita graduands.

Faculty of Arts and Law

1. Donald Marahare (Master of Laws)
2. George Zama Isom (Professional Diploma in Legislative Drafting)
3. Austin Warwick Revo (Postgraduate Diploma in Education)
4. Coldrin Lisamama Kolae (Bachelor of Arts)
5. Lisi Chelsea Vave (Bachelor of Arts)
6. Clera Karoqo Waokea (Bachelor of Arts)
7. Wilson Orisi (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws)
8. James Iilu (Bachelor of Education)
9. Robert Mafane (Bachelor of Education)
10. Andy Siarani (Bachelor of Education)
11. Vernalis Suity (Bachelor of Education)
12. Michael Vathagi (Bachelor of Education - Primary)
13. Jefferson Osbon Halu (Bachelor of Laws)
14. Kereabu Kereta Sanga (Bachelor of Laws)
15. Elizabeth Tito (Bachelor of Laws)
16. Clement Aitorea (Diploma in Educational Leadership and Change)
17. Eric Arifanata (Diploma in Educational Leadership and Change)
18. Ellison Mane (Diploma in Educational Leadership and Change)
19. Isaac Mebia (Diploma in Educational Leadership and Change)
20. John Hurbertson Pei (Diploma in Educational Leadership and Change)
21. Bernard Quanafia (Diploma in Educational Leadership and Change)
22. Frazier Donross Temeka (Diploma in Educational Leadership and Change)
23. Desmond Mamata (Certificate in Basic Skills in Library and Information Studies)

Faculty of Business and Economics

24. John Niroa Misite'e (Master of Art in Development Studies)
25. Hunter Masuguria (Master of Business Administration)
26. Andrew Anitou Nihopara (Master of Commerce in Management and Public Administration)
27. June Margaret Fakarii (Bachelor of Arts)
28. Dudley Fugui (Bachelor of Arts)
29. Stanley Hoasi (Bachelor of Arts)
30. Oliver Thugea Karoa (Bachelor of Arts)
31. Rose Wate Karoa (Bachelor of Arts)
32. Brandley Lenga (Bachelor of Arts)
33. Stewart Maeniuta (Bachelor of Arts)
34. Molly Marita (Bachelor of Arts)
35. Ross Timpa Masika (Bachelor of Arts)
36. Rex Mewa (Bachelor of Arts)
37. Grace Tanaloa Pukena (Bachelor of Arts)
38. Diana Rojumana (Bachelor of Arts)
39. Eric Kadmiel Ro'uhau (Bachelor of Arts)
40. Tomlinson Thegna (Bachelor of Arts)
41. Hubert Vahia (Bachelor of Arts)
42. Samson Bisafo (Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Hospitality)
43. Melvina Legumana (Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Hospitality)
44. Gwen Michelle Mono (Bachelor of Commerce)
45. Meyenn Dukavalaka (Diploma in Economics)

Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment

46. Exsley Jemuel Taloiburi (Master of Science in Marine Science)
47. Aldrine Donnasiana Kilua (Postgraduate Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition)
48. Lillian Viva Ha'apio (Bachelor of Arts)
49. Bethany Rasia Hauia (Bachelor of Arts)
50. Hellen Ohukeni Maetia (Bachelor of Arts)
51. Wendy Mark (Bachelor of Arts)
52. Jude Punai Piruku (Bachelor of Arts)
53. Annie Smight Polahi (Bachelor of Arts)
54. Faye Aborina Siota (Bachelor of Arts)
55. Bryan Fred Ulufia (Bachelor of Arts)
56. Mary Margarita Tahu (Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies)
57. Ian Suhara (Bachelor of Engineering Technology)
58. Ngetem Bobai Amon (Bachelor of Science)
59. Marvin Junior Baekisapa (Bachelor of Science)
60. Thomas Alfred Bebeu (Bachelor of Science)
61. Alfred Fatai (Bachelor of Science)
62. Sally Tauto'o (Bachelor of Science)
63. Joshua Torren Martin (Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science)
64. Hyacinth Damusaru Jim (Bachelor of Science in Marine Science)
65. Emmanuel Lasa (Bachelor of Science in Marine Science)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Maeliau says he will remain a member of the SSEC Church despite being excommunicated

The longest serving ordained Minister of the South Seas Evangelical Church, SSEC Reverend Michael Maeliau, says he remains a member of the church.

This is despite the Church's announcement last month that Maeliau has been expelled from the church.

In the announcement, the head of the church, Reverend Bishop Matthias Lima, said the church was severing all ties with Mr Maeliau.

Reverend Lima had said, Maeliau is no longer a member of the SSEC Church nor a minister of the church.

The Reverend Bishop Lima said the Church's stand is that Mr Maeliau's teachings and ministry has fundamental errors contradicting the church's biblical foundation.

But speaking to the media in Honiara, Maeliau says he will remain a member of SSEC.

"SSEC is my mother church, I cannot change it. I will remain an SSEC, even if it is a heretic of SSEC. My constitutional rights, I will still open my mouth and no one can limit my freedom of speech and movement."

Maeliau also says any church that welcomes him and his message is their constitutional right.

Source: SIBC

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