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Monday, September 21, 2009

TARD supported North Malaita School Carnival ends successfully

Results forwarded by Lensley Kwaimani, Malu'u

The TARD-supported North Malaita 1-week School Sports Carnival which started on Monday 14th September 2009 was successfully completed last week with the following results:

Primary School Overall Ranking

1st - Madalua Primary School (174 points)
2nd - Uluga Primary School (166 points)
3rd - Walo Primary School (140 points)
4th - Fo'ondo Primary School (136 points)
5th - Manakwai Primary School (124 points)
6th - Afufu Primary School (121 points)
7th - Bita'ama Primary School (113 points)
8th - Sikwafata Primary School (110 points)
9th - Rate Primary School (88 points)
9th - Gwaiau Primary School (88 points)
10th - Musukui Primary School (77 points)
11th - Mamako Primary School (69 points)

Primary Consolation Awards

* Fairest team - Mamako Primary School
* Fairest player - Lensley Delemani (Manakwai Primary School)
* Golden shoe - Stanley (Madalua Primary School)

Secondary School Overall Ranking

1st - Walo Community High School (153 points)
2nd - Bita'ama Community High School (144 points)
3rd - Manakwai Community High School (92 points)

Secondary Consolation Awards

* Fairest team - Manakwai Community High School
* Fairest player - Victor Liubaro(Bita'ama Community High School)
* Golden shoe - Alrick (Walo Community High School)

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