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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trade Dispute Panel ruled in favour of government

The trade disputes panel has ruled in favour of the government, allowing a 21-day period for negotiations, against a 14-day period suggested by the public service union.

The disputes panel yesterday morning also ruled that the appointed teams of the two parties must meet to begin the negotiations within the next seven days.

The trade disputes panel had opened the hearing yesterday morning asking both parties if the matter should enter into arbitration rather than conciliation.

Speaking on behalf of the government, Attorney General Gabriel Suri told the panel that negotiations must first take place before arbitration.

Mr Suri says the government feels that SIPEU's log of claims need to be properly refined so that issues are much more focused.

He says the government also feels that options for negotiations have not been fully exhausted.

He says the government has drawn up a reasonable time-frame of 21-days to complete proposed negotiations.

After failing to secure an arbitration in round one, SIPEU General Secretary Paul Belande asked the panel to consider a two-week negotiation period instead.

Mr Belande says the union's log of claims is well-presented, well-documented and well-researched and it doesn't take 21 days to read a 6-page document.

The trade disputes panel however ruled that the government and SIPEU must begin negotiations within the next seven days and have 21-days to come to a conclusion.

The Panel also ordered that any outcome must be reported back to the panel.

Source: SIBC

Monday, August 24, 2009

Union calls for its members to resume work

The Solomon Islands Public Employees Union has lifted its nation-wide strike action, and called on all its members to resume official duties by one O'clock this afternoon.

The strike action was effective from midnight last night, and there were suggestions that services were already disrupted at some government departments.

But in a turn of events this morning, President of SIPEU, Douglas Ete confirmed that he has received an official referral notification from the Trade Disputes Panel.

The Matter was referred to the Trade Disputes Panel by the government last Friday, but the referral notification failed to reach the SIPEU Executive until early this morning.

Mr Ete said, all SIPEU members, including those coming under the Essential Services Act must now return to work immediately.

He said the executive will work on the issue, through the Trade Disputes Panel.

Source: SIBC

SIPEU strike on today despite Trade Dispute Panel referral

The office of Trade Dispute Panel (TDP) has taken action to ensure the Solomon Islands Public Employees Union, SIPEU is being officially notified about the referral of their log of claims to the panel by the Ministry of Public Service last Friday.

TDP Chairman Francis Luza says the panel served a letter to inform both government and SIPEU about the referral.

It is understood that SIPEU has issued written letters to its essential service members that the planned strike action will go ahead as at 12 midnight last night because SIPEU was not aware of the matter being referred to the TDP.

Mr Luza says it would be a problem if SIPEU did not receive the panel's letter on the referral.

But he says as far as the TDP is concerned, the letter has been served and no strike action should take place.

Mr Luza says now that the matter has been referred to the TDP, the panel will ensure the dispute is listed as an urgent matter for hearing to help both parties resolve their disagreements.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Service is asking all public officers to turn up for work today.

Permanent Secretary, Ishmael Avui says the matter between the government and the Solomon Islands Public Employees Union has been referred to the Trade Dispute Panel, and public officers are expected to attend to work.

He says public officers failing the advice will be dealt with accordingly.

The Trade Dispute Panel also says SIPEU and its members are restricted to carry out any strike action.

It says non compliance with this advice is a breach of law and may lead to prosecution.

Attempts to confirm with the executive of SIPEU if the planned strike has been called off were futile.

SIPEU General Secretary Paul Belande last Friday said government could not refer the matter to the TDP without making a counter offer to SIPEU on its log of claims.

Mr Belande said section 10 of the TDP under which the strike notice has been referred says, if both parties agree to disagree or negotiations have reached a deadlock, then the matter should be referred.

He said in this case there was no deadlock in negotiations and government had made no counter offer to SIPEU.

Mr Belande said there are two ways to deal with the matter when it is referred to the TDP.

He said one is by having both parties to return to the negotiating table and if there is a deadlock then section 4 of the TDP is used where a conciliator is appointed to conciliate between both parties

Source: SIBC

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Michael Maeliau excommunicated from SSEC

The South Seas Evanlegical Church (SSEC) National Executive Board has finally taken an action which it had pondered over since the mid 1980s.

We just pray and let God have his way in all circumstances, including this action by SSEC.

Below is a Public Announcement from the SSEC on the decision:

South Sea Evangelical Church
P.O. Box 16 Honiara General Office: 20408

Reverend Bishop: 27291 Email:
General Secretary: 27290 Email:

Our Ref: National Executive
Date: 19th August 2009.



I, Reverend Bishop Matthias Lima, on behalf of the National Executive Board and National Eldership Board of the South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC) hereby make this public statement on our position in the matter of the teachings and ministry of Mr. Michael Maeliau as follows:

1. That the National Executive Board and National Eldership Board of SSEC have had various discussions and consultations with Mr. Michael Maeliau, over a number of years, concerning various teachings advocated by him that caused much confusion for many within SSEC.

2. That the SSEC National Executive Board, acting on a reference from General Conference, had recently approved a position paper, which identified a number of fundamental errors recorded in publications by Mr. Michael Maeliau, which contradict the biblical foundations of SSEC.

3. That the SSEC National Executive Board considered and found teachings by Mr. Michael Maeliau heretical and therefore not acceptable.

4. That the position paper required Mr. Michael Maeliau to sign a declaration demonstrating his repentance from and recantation of these errors, within 30 days of the date of the position paper, and that as an act of humility and true repentance, to submit willingly to church discipline.

5. That Mr. Michael Maeliau chose not to sign the declaration within the 30 days.

6. That National Executive Board considers that adequate time and due process has been given to Mr. Michael Maeliau to make this decision.

7. That in accordance with National Executive resolutions, I now declare that the South Sea Evangelical Church in Solomon Islands forthwith severs ties with Mr. Michael Maeliau.

Accordingly, Mr. Michael Maeliau is no longer a member of SSEC nor an ordained minister of the SSEC.

8. That in accordance with National Executive Board resolutions that this declaration is effective immediately.

9. That anyone who has knowingly, or otherwise, followed these teachings is given the opportunity to repent and remain within SSEC.

1O.That all ministries and advocates associated with the heretical teachings of Mr. Michael Maeliau shall not be permitted within SSEC Local Churches, Associations, Regions, and Institutions, with immediate effect.

11 .That all administrative and leadership issues in the Northern Region are to be referred to the Superintendent of the Northern Region. All SSEC assets in all SSEC Regions will remain with SSEC.

We must work at all times to preserve the unity of the body of Christ, however, this unity must be based on the truth of God’s Word in Jesus Christ. It is therefore with a heavy heart that this course of action has been taken.

I take this opportunity to request the Church to continue to pray for the repentance of Mr. Michael Maeliau and his followers to return to the right teaching of Jesus Christ, our God and Redeemer.

Reverend Bishop Matthias Lima — On behalf of the South Sea Evangelical Church in Solomon Islands.

Friday, August 14, 2009

TARD supports North Malaita School Sports Carnival

The To'abaita Authority for Research and Development (TARD) student volunteer group last week donated $2,000 to support the upcoming North Malaita Constituency Zone 1 School Sports Carnival.

According to the TARD Project Coordinator, Mr Exsley Taloiburi the funds were transferred to the North Malaita Constituency Zone 1 School Sports Carnival Committee Chairman, Joseph Agalo last week.

Mr Taloiburi says the funding support was provided in response to a proposal that was submitted by the Zone 1 Sports Carnival Committee.

The funds are part of the Australian Sports Outreach Program (ASOP) support to TARD last year, which covered the 2008 TARD Christmas Games, the North Malaita Netball and Soccer Coaching workshop from November-December 2008, and the provision of free soccer balls and netballs in December 2008 to rural youth sporting clubs in North Malaita. This year, TARD will support the North Malaita School Sports Carnival, the league in North Malaita and the upcoming 2009 TARD Christmas Games.

Governor General on first official trip to Malaita

The Governor General Frank Kabui will officiate as guest of honour during Malaita Province’s 26th Second Appointed Day celebrations in Auki today.

Mr Kabui visits the province following invitation by the Malaita Provincial Government.

The visit is Mr Kabui’s first provincial engagement 39 days after he took office on July 7.

Deputy Private Secretary to the Government House, Rawcliff Ziza said the Governor General’s party left for Auki yesterday afternoon.

Mr Kabui is accompanied by his wife, Madam Grace Kabui, Moala Panda, Mr Ziza and two other assistant staff members from the Government House.

The party is schedule to arrive back in Honiara later today afternoon.

Meanwhile, Deputy Provincial Secretary to the Malaita Provincial Government, Mr Robert Kaua said leaders of the province were pleased with Mr Kabui’s positive response to their invitation.

He said Malaitans’ anticipate the arrival and participation of Mr Kabui during the celebration.

Mr Kaua added that activities including awareness talks, entertainment and sporting events have started earlier this week as part of events leading to the official ceremony today.

Source: SIBC

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Call for scrapping of Entitlements for MPS

The Solomon Islands Council of Trade Unions and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry are calling for entitlements of members of Parliament to be scrapped.

In a joint press statement, both the Unions and the Chamber of Commerce described the Parliamentary Entitlements Commission 2009 award of entitlements to MPs as corrupt and irresponsible.

The statement follows a historic meeting between the country's peak business and workers bodies last Thursday to discuss recent awards to Parliamentarians.

Both bodies agree that the current government budget crisis and state of the economy means the country is not in a position to afford increases to MPs.

They have written to both the prime minister and the leader of opposition, asking for meetings with them, to discuss their grave concerns regarding the economic, moral, social and political implications of the recent PEC awards.

Both the Unions and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry strongly call on the government and the opposition to recommend to the Parliamentary Entitlement's Commission to immediately review and rescind the 2009 increases.

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Latest happenings around Honiara

International Youth Day

Honiara is abuzz with activity. Today (Wednesday) is the International Youth Day which is currently held at the Honiara Multipurpose Hall. As of yesterday, the decorations were in place, the stalls have been built and every youth is looking forward to meeting, participating and having fun during the day. The Multipurpose Hall will be a hive of activity for all young people.

Aside from the usual theatrics of very important guests the youths are actually looking forward to the live band performances and other delightful activities planned for today.

SIFF Congress underway in Gizo

Before the conclusion of the meeting, we already know one thing for certain. The SIFF presidency is intact and the incumbent, Martin Alufurai, will still be there for another year. Reliable sources have strongly suggested that the SIFF president is also considering taking his chances on a bigger prize and I will let you guess what that is!

If there is anything else to add; some people have suggestede that the SIFF Congress in Gizo is anything but a "sham"?

Telecommunications Bill will be debated

Is parliament still in session? Nobody could give a definitive answer to that question but an interesting Solomon Star headline did say that "the telecommunications bill will be discussed". Government must get it right just in case it were another copy and paste job that needed to be sent back for proof reading or at least lets hope it has already come out of the press.

Draft of Federal Constitution released

Draft 1 2009 of the Federal Constitution has been released. Are we seriously becoming a republic? A copy can be downloaded online at

Source: Lifhaus

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Solomons beat Vanuatu 1-0 to qualify for Beach Soccer World Cup

The Solomon Islands have defended their OFC Beach Soccer Championship for the third tournament in a row and have secured World Cup Qualification with a 1-0 win over Vanuatu in the final at Temae Beach, Moorea, Tahiti.

In a extremely close and hard fought final the Bilikiki Boys came away deserved winners after generating more goal scoring opportunities and maintaining their composure and structure through-out.

Gibson Hosea Purasi scored from a long range shot in the second period that skidded along the sand and took a wickard bounce, leaping from toe height to shoulder and giving Vanuatu keeper Chikau Mansale no chance. It was a cruel moment for Mansale and a totally unpredictable bounce.

Mansale was otherwise outstanding for his team and made three excellent saves, including one from a penalty taken by James Naka, in the first five minutes.

In turn, Francois Sakama forced an excellent diving save from Timothy Wale at the other end and a follow up save from the rebound - that was to be Vanuatu's best scoring opportunity of the match.

A moderately strong cross wind favoured Solomons in the first period.

Both teams were struggling with their set-pieces in the gusty conditions and missed a series of direct freekicks in good positions.

Solomon's player Eddie Ngaitin was shown a yellow card and Vanuatu's Francois Sakama also - both for lunging fouls and both in the second period.

The third and final period saw Mansale having to make another fine save in goal early in the piece.

Mansale then made two more excellent reflex saves to deny Franco Nee's diving header and James Naka's sharp turn and shot.

Vanuatu never stopped running and were committed in defence, but despite their best efforts the Solomons gave them only a handful of half chance opportunities to score.

Solomons coach Henry Koto was extremely proud of his team's performance.

"We having been building up our performance from day one until the final today. This final was a very, very hard game but the boys showed strong spirit to win. Vanuatu really tested us today, but the boys stayed organised and confident through-out and we are now very proud to again go to the World Cup, we will prepare as hard as we can to match-up to our opposition there."

And Koto revealed his team has a new goal for their fourth World Cup appearance in Dubai this November.

This year we will be aiming for the second round, we will be giving it our all to reach the second round."

Vanuatu captain Seimata Chillia was proud of his team's tournament performance that saw them finish as the only team to win all their group matches.

"We started this tournament on a high with the win over Solomons, then we managed to stay unbeaten until the final and we did our best to beat Solomons again but they were good enough to take it 1-0."

And Chillia was quick to pay credit to the Solomon's tournament performance.

"Good luck to Solomons, they took their chances today, so all the best to them in Dubai. We will go back home and learn some more lessons from this for next time," said Chillia.

Solomon Island's captain James Naka has been named the Championship's Golden Boot winner for his haul of 7 goals and also takes home the Player of the Tournament award.

Vanuatu captain Seimata Chillia took the Fair Play award.

And Vanuatu keeper Chikau Mansale was awarded the Golden Gloves award for best goal keeper.

Source: OFC

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