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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Michael Maeliau excommunicated from SSEC

The South Seas Evanlegical Church (SSEC) National Executive Board has finally taken an action which it had pondered over since the mid 1980s.

We just pray and let God have his way in all circumstances, including this action by SSEC.

Below is a Public Announcement from the SSEC on the decision:

South Sea Evangelical Church
P.O. Box 16 Honiara General Office: 20408

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Our Ref: National Executive
Date: 19th August 2009.



I, Reverend Bishop Matthias Lima, on behalf of the National Executive Board and National Eldership Board of the South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC) hereby make this public statement on our position in the matter of the teachings and ministry of Mr. Michael Maeliau as follows:

1. That the National Executive Board and National Eldership Board of SSEC have had various discussions and consultations with Mr. Michael Maeliau, over a number of years, concerning various teachings advocated by him that caused much confusion for many within SSEC.

2. That the SSEC National Executive Board, acting on a reference from General Conference, had recently approved a position paper, which identified a number of fundamental errors recorded in publications by Mr. Michael Maeliau, which contradict the biblical foundations of SSEC.

3. That the SSEC National Executive Board considered and found teachings by Mr. Michael Maeliau heretical and therefore not acceptable.

4. That the position paper required Mr. Michael Maeliau to sign a declaration demonstrating his repentance from and recantation of these errors, within 30 days of the date of the position paper, and that as an act of humility and true repentance, to submit willingly to church discipline.

5. That Mr. Michael Maeliau chose not to sign the declaration within the 30 days.

6. That National Executive Board considers that adequate time and due process has been given to Mr. Michael Maeliau to make this decision.

7. That in accordance with National Executive resolutions, I now declare that the South Sea Evangelical Church in Solomon Islands forthwith severs ties with Mr. Michael Maeliau.

Accordingly, Mr. Michael Maeliau is no longer a member of SSEC nor an ordained minister of the SSEC.

8. That in accordance with National Executive Board resolutions that this declaration is effective immediately.

9. That anyone who has knowingly, or otherwise, followed these teachings is given the opportunity to repent and remain within SSEC.

1O.That all ministries and advocates associated with the heretical teachings of Mr. Michael Maeliau shall not be permitted within SSEC Local Churches, Associations, Regions, and Institutions, with immediate effect.

11 .That all administrative and leadership issues in the Northern Region are to be referred to the Superintendent of the Northern Region. All SSEC assets in all SSEC Regions will remain with SSEC.

We must work at all times to preserve the unity of the body of Christ, however, this unity must be based on the truth of God’s Word in Jesus Christ. It is therefore with a heavy heart that this course of action has been taken.

I take this opportunity to request the Church to continue to pray for the repentance of Mr. Michael Maeliau and his followers to return to the right teaching of Jesus Christ, our God and Redeemer.

Reverend Bishop Matthias Lima — On behalf of the South Sea Evangelical Church in Solomon Islands.

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