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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bita'ama community ban motor vessels from entering harbour to protect dolphins

The people of Bita'ama in North Malaita Constituency have agreed to ban ships and motorised canoes entering the Bita'ama Harbour.

Manager of the Bita'ama Dolphins Investment company, Emmanuel Tigi, told SIBC News that the people made the decision at a gathering yesterday.

He says the company has revived a tradition and recently called hundreds of dolphins ashore.

Mr Tigi says after releasing the dolphins back to the wild, the company is currently keeping only four in the Bita'ama Harbour.

He says his company is working with the owner of Marine Mammal Centre in the Central Province to find ways to earn money from either selling dolphins to overseas aquariums or keeping them as tourist attractions.

"From yesterday, Sunday, the people have agreed to ban ships and motorised canoes from entering Bita'ama Harbour. I have already informed some authorities on Malaita that while we are keeping dolphins in the harbour ships and motorised canoes wishing to enter the harbour must seek our permission."

Source: SIBC

Monday, May 25, 2009

Malu'u United Soccer Club seek help through Internet

The management of the Malu'u United Soccer Club is using the Internet to rally support for the club which is taking part in the National Football Club Championship this week in Honiara.

Malu'u United Soccer Club is representing the North Malaita Football Association.

Team Manager Redley Solo Ramo has launched the appeal on the Internet to North Malaitans and friends living around the world to support the team in the Club Championship.

A North Malaita network, known as the To'abaita Authority for Research and Development (TARD), was formed several years ago by students studying at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji.

The network has grown to include other North Malaita Constituency students and friends studying and living other countries.

Already, there has been some positive response with a set of new uniform expected to arrive in Honiara from Fiji tomorrow for the team to use in the competition.

The network had in the past secured help from various overseas donors including AusAID and New Zealand Aid for health projects and medical equipment for the Malu'u Health Centre and medicines for clinics in the North Malaita Constituency and West Mbaelelea.

The Australian High Commission in Honiara had also funded football competitions during the Christmas period in the past two years.

Source: SIBC

Friday, May 22, 2009

To'abaita rural leader expresses concern over rise in crime

A Malaita leader has expressed concern over the increasing crime rate related to the consumption of the locally brewed alcohol, "kwaso".

Vice-Chairman of the To'abaita Council of Chiefs in North Malaita Constituency, David Leliana, says the consumption of kwaso had resulted in the increase in criminal activities both in the rural areas and Honiara.

He says the increase in criminal activities such as the recent spate of stabbing in Honiara is the result of consumption of alcohol.

Mr Leliana says the To'abaita Council of Chiefs acknowledge the efforts community leaders and other law enforcing authorities in trying to deal with criminal activities.

However, he says these efforts have not been successful.

Mr Leliana says the To'abaita Council of Chiefs suggests that government come up with a law to stop alcohol in the country.

"Our view is that the 50 members of Parliament should come up with a law to ban alcohol. We call Solomon Islands as a Christian nation, but the consumption of alcohol is thriving. Human rights, children's right and women's right are affecting our society. We have ignored our cultural heritage, a system that God had given to our ancestors."

Source: SIBC

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Israeli Government appoints North Malaitan as Honorary Consul in Solomon Islands

The Israeli government has appointed a local citizen to be honorary consul in the Solomon Islands.

This is the first time an indigenous Solomon Islander has been recognized to take up this position in his or her home country.

Leleana Firisua of Malaita Province receives official commissioning as Israeli's Honorary Consul to the Solomon Islands based in Honiara today.

Mr Firisua says it is a great honour to represent the nation of Israel in the Solomon Islands.

He says it has taken sixty-one years for Israel to have representation in the Solomon Islands and Israel is a nation close to the heart of many Solomon Islanders.

Mr Firisua's commissioning takes place today afternoon at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Source: SIBC

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Canadian to help Bita'ama Community in North Malaita benefit from dolphins

A Canadian Chris Porter has shown interest to help the people of Bita'ama in North Malaita to benefit from dolphins they catch.

Mr Porter had been in the country for the past seven years and had established the Solomon Islands Mammal Education Centre and Exporters company in Ngela, Central Province.

He told SIBC News that he has just returned from Bita'ama where he provided advise on how to look after the dolphins that the people there have caught.

Mr Porter also says he wants to facilitate a market for the dolphins for the people there.

He appeals to other communities in the country that know how to catch dolphins to be wait until the Bita'ama Dolphin project is a success.

"Because if the dolphins at Bita'ama are a success, that means dolphins at every other communities can be a success. If the dolphin project at Bita'ama does not work out, because people don't cooperate, or too many dolphins, we lose a big opportunity for Solomon Islands to develop itself. This is a small rural community that is facing a real opportunity for development, not from grants, not from aid money, but from their own tradition and from their own hard work."

Source: SIBC

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