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Friday, September 11, 2009

Sixty Five Solomon Islanders graduate at the University of the South Pacific today

Sixty five Solomon Islanders were among the many students that graduated from the University of the South Pacific (USP) in the graduation ceremony held today (Friday 11 September 2009) at the Vodafone Arena in Suva, Fiji.

The Solomon students, some of whom graduated in absentia, were admitted to various levels of attainment and fields ranging from Certificate to Master's degrees.

Below are the graduates under respective faculties. Highlighted in bold are To'abaita graduands.

Faculty of Arts and Law

1. Donald Marahare (Master of Laws)
2. George Zama Isom (Professional Diploma in Legislative Drafting)
3. Austin Warwick Revo (Postgraduate Diploma in Education)
4. Coldrin Lisamama Kolae (Bachelor of Arts)
5. Lisi Chelsea Vave (Bachelor of Arts)
6. Clera Karoqo Waokea (Bachelor of Arts)
7. Wilson Orisi (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws)
8. James Iilu (Bachelor of Education)
9. Robert Mafane (Bachelor of Education)
10. Andy Siarani (Bachelor of Education)
11. Vernalis Suity (Bachelor of Education)
12. Michael Vathagi (Bachelor of Education - Primary)
13. Jefferson Osbon Halu (Bachelor of Laws)
14. Kereabu Kereta Sanga (Bachelor of Laws)
15. Elizabeth Tito (Bachelor of Laws)
16. Clement Aitorea (Diploma in Educational Leadership and Change)
17. Eric Arifanata (Diploma in Educational Leadership and Change)
18. Ellison Mane (Diploma in Educational Leadership and Change)
19. Isaac Mebia (Diploma in Educational Leadership and Change)
20. John Hurbertson Pei (Diploma in Educational Leadership and Change)
21. Bernard Quanafia (Diploma in Educational Leadership and Change)
22. Frazier Donross Temeka (Diploma in Educational Leadership and Change)
23. Desmond Mamata (Certificate in Basic Skills in Library and Information Studies)

Faculty of Business and Economics

24. John Niroa Misite'e (Master of Art in Development Studies)
25. Hunter Masuguria (Master of Business Administration)
26. Andrew Anitou Nihopara (Master of Commerce in Management and Public Administration)
27. June Margaret Fakarii (Bachelor of Arts)
28. Dudley Fugui (Bachelor of Arts)
29. Stanley Hoasi (Bachelor of Arts)
30. Oliver Thugea Karoa (Bachelor of Arts)
31. Rose Wate Karoa (Bachelor of Arts)
32. Brandley Lenga (Bachelor of Arts)
33. Stewart Maeniuta (Bachelor of Arts)
34. Molly Marita (Bachelor of Arts)
35. Ross Timpa Masika (Bachelor of Arts)
36. Rex Mewa (Bachelor of Arts)
37. Grace Tanaloa Pukena (Bachelor of Arts)
38. Diana Rojumana (Bachelor of Arts)
39. Eric Kadmiel Ro'uhau (Bachelor of Arts)
40. Tomlinson Thegna (Bachelor of Arts)
41. Hubert Vahia (Bachelor of Arts)
42. Samson Bisafo (Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Hospitality)
43. Melvina Legumana (Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Hospitality)
44. Gwen Michelle Mono (Bachelor of Commerce)
45. Meyenn Dukavalaka (Diploma in Economics)

Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment

46. Exsley Jemuel Taloiburi (Master of Science in Marine Science)
47. Aldrine Donnasiana Kilua (Postgraduate Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition)
48. Lillian Viva Ha'apio (Bachelor of Arts)
49. Bethany Rasia Hauia (Bachelor of Arts)
50. Hellen Ohukeni Maetia (Bachelor of Arts)
51. Wendy Mark (Bachelor of Arts)
52. Jude Punai Piruku (Bachelor of Arts)
53. Annie Smight Polahi (Bachelor of Arts)
54. Faye Aborina Siota (Bachelor of Arts)
55. Bryan Fred Ulufia (Bachelor of Arts)
56. Mary Margarita Tahu (Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies)
57. Ian Suhara (Bachelor of Engineering Technology)
58. Ngetem Bobai Amon (Bachelor of Science)
59. Marvin Junior Baekisapa (Bachelor of Science)
60. Thomas Alfred Bebeu (Bachelor of Science)
61. Alfred Fatai (Bachelor of Science)
62. Sally Tauto'o (Bachelor of Science)
63. Joshua Torren Martin (Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science)
64. Hyacinth Damusaru Jim (Bachelor of Science in Marine Science)
65. Emmanuel Lasa (Bachelor of Science in Marine Science)

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