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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TARD-supported School Carnival commences in North Malaita

By Lensley Kwaimani, Malu'u

The Sports Carnival organised by the Zone 1 Sports Carnival Committee in North Malaita finally eventuated on Monday this week at Walo Community High School.

The Committee held an opening ceremony in the morning and followed by ball games right throughout the entire day.

In the opening program, the Principal of Walo Community High School Wilson Mani before delivering the welcome speech said, “the last time his school hosted such activity was ten years ago”, and he was delighted that his school was offered the opportunity to host the similar activity again this year.

Mani welcomed the representative of the Athletic Solomons sent by the Malaita Sports Council, Simon Mauta, the Landowning groups, the Chairman of the Sports Carnival Committee and his executive, parents and all the participating schools.

Chairman of the organizing committee Joseph Agalo said, “he is thankful for the Principal and his school for offering to host the 2009 sports carnival and to see Manakwai Community High School coming into the program this year”.

Agalo also made assurances that this year the competitors will be experiencing new encounters.

He said, “in the past the children had never been awarded with medals but this year they will be awarded with medals”.

He added, “whistle was mostly used as starter for the athletes but now they will be using pistols”.

Also in the assurances he said “the children and the properties in the school are well secured because the committee has employed the services of security personnel”.

He urged the public to behave well as this is children activity program and he would like everybody to respect each other for a peaceful week.

The Chairman also made his acknowledgement in the speech.

He thanked the Tobaita Authority for Research and Development (TARD) for their financial support which enabled the new encounter of medals for the children.

And he also thanked the media (Solomon Star, SIBC and PAOA FM) for putting their programs to the public prior to the actual program.

The guest of honour for the program was the Honourable Minister for Sports from the Malaita Provincial Government Mr. Philip Taloinao.

Taloinao said “, he is happy to be invited and to witness this annual program”. He further added by encouraging the students to improve on whatever skills they’re good at”.

Mr. Taloinao kindly asked the parents to allow their children to develop on their acquired skills as this will also meet their needs in the end.

The opening program was concluded by the handing over of the torch relay button.

In the handing over of the button the sprinter of Bita’ama CHS Mr. Danny handed the torch relay button to a representative of Walo CHS after he sprinted around the field with the flame once.

The Sport Carnival this year has a total of twelve competing schools. The schools were from Manakwai CHS in the Tobaita to Madalua in the Mbaelelea. –By Lensley Kwaimani

On Monday 14th the results of the ball games are as below.

Primary Soccer (Junior Division)

Rate Vs Gwaiau
Rate 1, Gwaiau 0

Fo’ondo Vs Madalua
Fo’ondo 1, Madalua 0

Uluga Vs Afufu
Uluga 1, Afufu 1

Musukui Vs Manakwa
Musukui 0, Manakwai 0

Walo Vs Uluga
Walo 1, Uluga 1

Primary Soccer (Senior Division)

Sikwafata Vs Rate
Sikwafata 1, Rate 0

Mamako Vs Fo’ondo
Mamako 0, Fo’ondo 2

Afufu Vs Walo
Afufu 0, Walo 0

Manakwai Vs Bita’ama
Manakwai 0, Bita’ama 2

Primary Volley Ball (Girls)

Rate Vs Uluga
Rate 0, Uluga 2

Bita’ama Vs Musukui
Bita’ama 1, Musukui 1

Fo’ondo Vs Manakwa
Fo’ondo 2, Manakwai 0

Musukui Vs Afufu
Musukui 0, Afufu 2

Manakwai Vs Mamako
Manakwai 1, Mamako 1

Secondary Soccer (Boys)

Walo one Vs Bita’ama one
Walo one 0, Bita’ama one 4

The programme is expected to be completed on Friday this week.

Source: Solomon Star

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