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Friday, July 09, 2010

National Election Updates and whispers from Honiara

Contesting candidates for North Malaita Constituency
Just before the close of nominations yesterday, some of the intending candidates who are contesting the North Malaita Constituency seat include (1) Daniel Enele Kwanairara [outgoing MP - Darawarau Village], (2) Rev Micahel Maeliau [Suidara Village], (3) George Dingariko Senisi [Manakwai/Ayer], (4) Jimmy Rasta Lusibaea [Malu'u/Loina], (5) Moffat Konofilia Jnr [Diula Village], (6) Leslie Kwaiga [Fo'ondo], (7) Mr Suilifia [Musukui Village] & (8)Lawrence Foanaota [Gwaunataerau Village]. The retired Bishop from A'ama Village who was known to be contesting is believed to have withdrawn. Also there are rumours that a person by the name of Mr Faikiri from the Sikwafata area is also intending to contest. We will only know the finalised list once the confirmed list is released by the Electoral Commission later today.

41 candidates to contest three Honiara seats
A total of 41 candidates will contest the three Honiara constituencies in the August 4 national elections. This was confirmed at the close of nominations yesterday according to a report by the Solomon Star Newspaper today.

Central Honiara is the highly contested seat with 23 candidates. East Honiara will see 12 candidates vying for the seat, while six will fight for the West Honiara constituency. The 41 candidates have until Sunday 4.30pm to withdraw their candidacy. That’s when nominations closed.

So far three women have been nominated to contest the three Honiara constituencies.

According to Island Sun reports, some of the intending candidates for the three Honiara Constituencies are as follows but the most updated list has increased as of yesterday's close of nominations:

Central Honiara Constituency
Robert Donyhill Hite, Jonathan Zama, Dudley Wate, Fred Peter, Bernard Bakote’e, Francis Waleanisia, Martin Alufurai, John Buluwale, Steve Lebaro, Moon Pin Quan, Edward Rarabae, Nelson Ne’e, Delma Nori, Barnabas Henson and Pr Ishmael Idu Misalo.

West Honiara Constituency
Namson Tran, Isaac Inoke, Alfred Soaki, Catherine Atanikakia and Andrew Mua.

East Honiara Constituency
Paul Maenu’u, Geoffrey Samuel, David Jack Maesua, Eddie Misi, Simeon Bouro, Thompson Guralaua, Douglas Ete, Charles Dausabea, Wycliffe Ene, John Nelson Ross and Catherine Adifaka.

Election Fever hits Honiara
With just 3 1/2 weeks before the ballot day on August 4th, both intending candidates and voters alike have been running around the capital Honiara like crazy as they make final preparations before some of them make their way to start their campaigning in respective constituencies.

TARD made a brief stop at Access Plus (Ranadi Highway) and Design Right at Kukum Labourline yesterday and was amazed at the flow of cash from intending candidates who are in the middle of preparing campaign banners, posters, logos, brochures, hats and t-shirts. Some of the intending candidates that TARD caught up with their orders being delivered are Namson Tran, Rick Hou, Stanley Sofu, Peter Boyers, Catherine Adifaka, Francis Zama, Peter Shanel, John Meke and many others.

These design outlets are making good money out of this with one banner costing around $1,800 to $3,500. Some candidates who do not have enough money were observed to print a few colour-paged posters from these design outlets and rush off to photocopy black & white copies from elsewhere.

Interestingly, alot of posters are already being pinned onto shop windows, posts and public vehicles around Honiara. In the provinces, people have started gathering at the residents of their favoured candidates since the beginning of this month. Also people are now seen wearing free tshirts and caps handed by intending candidates both in Honiara and the rural areas. Whatever the outcome, it's an interesting situation to monitor.

Gossips from West New Georgia/Vona Vona Constituency
Gossips heard from other outgoing MPs in the last Government during yesterday's rush hour to Access Plus was that Peter Boyers will be facing an uphill battle to retain his seat which will also be contested by a son of Job Duddley Tausinga.

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