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Monday, July 12, 2010

Konofilia launches SIUP manifesto in North Malaita

The new President of the revived Solomon Islands United Party Joel Moffat Konofilia has on Friday 9th July launched his party manifesto at Kafoabu Village, Malu’u, North Malaita.

In his launching programme he started with a prayer of repentance on behalf of the United Party pleading for forgiveness.

Konofilia said, “The prayer must be taken to request God to forgive United Party for what the former leaders of the United Party have done in the past against the Nation of Israel”.

Before the prayer Mr. Konofilia said, “for the past 32 years the nation of Solomon Islands has been under a severe chronic curse”.

“This was because the party’s former leader in a United Nation’s meeting had voted against the nation of Israel”, he said.

The revived United Party have seen and believed that what God had said to Abraham in Genesis 12: 1-3 had come to a reality today.

“So from that decision the United Party today under a new leadership and executive believed that the entire nation of Solomon Islands has been under curse for the past 32 years”, Konofilia said.

He went on to say that the curse was even further extended when a representative of Solomon Islands Government also chose to vote against Israel just last year 2009.

Mr Konofilia said, “As a new leader for the United Party, standing today on Uala land where Peter Abuofa landed with the gospel on its shores would like just to say sorry to our God on behalf only of the party”.

The President took the prayer of confession on behalf of the party and asked God for forgiveness so that the new United Party will walk under God’s blessing and not curse.

After the prayer, the President publicly made a declaration that, “starting today and onward the United Party will vow its support and vote for Israel unconditionally in obedience to Genesis 12: 1- 3”.

He said, “if this is God’s will then I stand today on Uala land and declare that the Solomon Islands United Party will stand, support and vote for Israel in the next meeting”.

After the session of prayer, Mr Konofilia put into light why he is qualified to be a leader.

Firstly, he said, “everything he believed in must be rooted deeply in the word of God”.

He said, “I am fit to lead the Toabaita people today.
“I have no doubt in my heart that I can do it”.

“In the book of Joel 2: 28 it says, “And it shall come to pass in the last days that I will pour my Spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy and you old men shall dream dreams and young men shall see visions”.

Konofilia said, “As long as the spirit is with man you are qualified”.

“If you look deeply into the word vision, it goes along with leadership”, he said.

The president said, “according to the scriptures, young men will see visions, and if you don’t believe that then you can take off that part from your bible”.

“Today is the day for young people to lead”, “that is why I rooted my standing in the word of God”. “I am qualified by the word”, Konofilia said.

Secondly he said, “according to the cultures of Toabaita our traditional warfare were not led by old people to end up in a sleep in the war”.

“The leader must be young, strong, and healthy to thrash about through sweat and blood just for the sake of his peoples’ interest, so by culture I am qualified”.

“Everything I believed in if they were not rooted in the word of God and culture then wisdom is missing”.

“I believed that this was the problem with the government of Solomon Islands for the last 32 years”. “Everything including the policies of our government were adopted from afar”.

“They were all knowledge and nothing was rooted in the word of God and culture”.

He said, “There is no wisdom in knowledge but wisdom is in the word of God and our culture”.

Mr. Konofilia assured the people who gathered to witness the launching that they are okay, they are millionaires but foreign things have blinded their eyes from seeing this fact.

“Have hope in your heart”, he said.

Thirdly, Konofilia said, this nation was ruled by a system of government called democracy.

“In a democratic system of government anyone who is above the age of 21 or maybe 18, it is your democratic right to run in the election”.

“So my brothers, by the law of this nation I am qualified”.

Konofilia summarized the grounds qualifying him for the contest by saying, “Biblically, Culturally and Democratically I am qualified to be your leader for tomorrow”.

Also in the programme Mr Konofilia highlighted that a leader must posses some experiences in rural leadership, national leadership and international leadership.

He said, “if someone has only some experiences in rural leadership and lacks experiences in national and international leadership that means he has no complete leadership capacity”.

“It is important that a leader must be recognized as a rural, national and international leader”.

Konofilia also answered some questions from the constituents during the gathering.

A question asked was, “are you going to use the same CDO system if you come into power?”

He answered, “the CDO system will completely be wiped away and there will be no constituency office but rather a council consisting a fair representation of church, youth, women, house of chiefs and associations of all spheres of life will be in place to plan and manage all affairs of the constituency”.

Another question about paying voters was leveled at Mr Konofilia.

Konofilia said, “if you were paid to vote and your candidate wins that shows you are not the one who put that candidate into power but it is the one who funded the candidate.”
“After all, the candidate will only going to listen to the donor and not you”.

“The power that the candidate will be using will only be a puppet dominion because the candidate will turn his ears to the donor”.

The programme was witnessed by constituents from wards 7, 8 and 9 of the North Malaita Constituency.

And a time of feasting concluded the event.

Source: Solomon Star

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