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Monday, November 09, 2009

TARD ended 2009 with farewell function for its graduating members

The To'abaita Authority for Research and Development (TARD) farewelled its graduating students in a meeting and function on Saturday (07/11/09) evening at the USPSA Conference Room.

Meeting date: Saturday (07/11/09)
Venue: USPSA Conference Room
Time: 5 – 8 pm.


1 John Konofilia
2 George Ganiau
3 Brian Mangi
4 Ruth Ramo
5 Patricia Sango
6 Blondie Akwasia
7 Lizzie Tegu
8 Donna Rilangi
9 June Atomea
10 John Buata
11 Joe Kelesi
12 Jennifer Delemani
13 Elton Etega
14 Nixon Osiniu
15 Peter Danitofea
16 Robert Iromalefo
17 Roland Delemani
18 Ricky Ganisua
19 Enly Saeni
20 Michael Suinao
21 Simon Fiuniau
22 Rolland Filia
23 Linda Tonawane
24 Jillian Fa’afunua
25 Frederick Iro
26 Milfred Delemani
27 Rexon Ramofafia
28 Lawrence Lugitau
29 Joel Kalafiu
30 Pressly Fafoekona
31 Fletcher Fulairara
32 Mathew Oli
33 Frank Daukali

Meeting Minutes

1. Opening Word of Prayer: Jones Otafalu

2. Word of Welcome: George Ganiau (TARD Chairman – Suva Committee)

3. Update and Report on TARD Projects from November 2008 to December 2009:

a. Successful coordination of 3-week Soccer & netball coaching workshop at three key centers in North Malaita (Malu’u, Bita’ama & Walo) from late November to early December 2008. TARD hired the services of a volunteer soccer coach from New Zealand sponsored by Mahitahi Organization and two Malaita Netball Provincial Trainers to lead the coaching workshops.

b. TARD donated free soccer balls and netballs to rural club representatives in North Malaita who participated in the 3-week coaching workshop.

c. Successful organization of the TARD 2008 Christmas Games at Bita’ama in partnership with the Green Snails Club which took place in mid December 2008. Sports played included Soccer, netball and volleyball.

d. Completion of 4 signboards in late December planned for the boundaries of the North Malaita Constituency to welcome and farewell visitors to the region. This is yet to be installed due to lack of funds to do this.

e. Formal launching of TARD vision in February 2009 to To’abaita elites working in Honiara. This was coordinated by TARD Chairman – Honiara Committee Peter Fairamoa and the event took place at the Museum grounds in Honiara.

f. Delivery of 26 boxes of medical supplies in March 2009 to Malu’u Mini Hospital. The supplies were donated to TARD by the Medical Aid Abroad in New Zealand (MAANZ).

g. In August 2009, TARD provided $2000 to the organizing committee of the North Malaita Zone 1 School Sports Carnival. This support was utilized to meet medals for the primary school and secondary school athletes. The 1-week school sports carnival was completed in mid September 2009 at Walo Community High School and attended by all the schools between Manakwai (To’abaita) and Madalua (West Baelelea).

h. In October 2009, TARD provided ~$4,040 to support the North Malaita Soccer and Netball League at Malu’u.

i. In October 2009, TARD secured support as the first local association to benefit from the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) with the Honiara Committee collecting 15 beach soccer balls which were already delivered to support the North Malaita beach soccer league at Malu’u. Another additional 5 soccer balls is expected to be collected by TARD from SIFF in November 2009 awaiting arrival from New Zealand.

j. From December 16 – 19 2009, TARD will be organizing the 2009 Christmas Games at Malu’u. Sports to be played include soccer, netball, volleyball and beach soccer.

4. Other Matters:

a. Appointment of new TARD office bearers for 2010. Chairman is George Ganiau, Treasurer is John konofilia, Secretary is Ruth Ramo, and Fundraising Leader is Ken Finet. The new committee is expected to be the new signatories to the current TARD bank account with ANZ Bank, USP Branch.

b. Updates on the proposed constituency boundaries for North Malaita and Lau/Baelelea. Stressed the importance of TARD to be a neutral and independent body free from political interference or manipulation.

c. TARD Plans for 2010 – Cultural dances to hotels on Viti Levu (ET to draft letter during holidays for this to happen); Hiring of night club for fundraising; Set-up of a TARD Credit Fund; Set-up of a mechanism so that TARD can support members that are in emergency cases, loss of loved ones, sickness and hospital admission etc; and TARD mailbox number.

5. Closing Prayer and vote of Thanks – Enly Saeni.

6. Refreshment and informal speeches.

The TARD graduating students are Milfred Delemani, Enly Saeni, Donna Rilangi & Patricia Sango.

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