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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Malu'u hydro electricity re-opens after closure by landowners

The Te’ekwali Land and Resource Owners Association in Malu’u, North Malaita, have agreed to the re-opening of the hydro electrification in Malu’u.

This was confirmed by the Administrator of the Association Daniel Angisiramo after a five months period of negotiations between the Association, the Provincial and National Governments.

In a document made between the Association and the Governments, a goodwill payment was assured by the Governments to be paid.

Mr Angisiramo said although the payment is yet to be made, his Association is now allowing the source to be re-opened, as a sign of respect and honour to the Government’s assurance.

Mr. Angisiramo said, he believed that the Government will also respect the document.

He said the closure of the source from the hydro power was just a result of misunderstandings.

Mr Angisiramo is now calling on all members of the tribe and Association to respect the document because any disruptions made after the signing of this document, would be illegal.

Philip Irobeni of SIEA Malu’u said, they don't have problems with any other party.

Source: SIBC

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