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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bita'ama people in North Malaita revive traditional way of catching dolphins

A local investment company at Bita'ama in North Malaita has revived a tradition of calling dolphins to beach in the Bita'ama Harbour.

Chairman of the Bita'ama Dolphin Marketing Investment, Emmanuel Tigi, told SIBC News that following a series of prayers last week fishermen lead hundreds of bottlenose dolphins into the Bita'ama Harbour.

Mr Tigi says they could only keep 20 dolphins and the other hundreds went back to the open sea.

"We led the bottlenose dolphins and put them in a net in the place where people used to catch dolphins. Hundreds of people including school children from the surrounding area gathered to see the event. Students from Ngalikekero Rural Training Centre, Bita'ama Community High School and Rate Primary School came to witness the event, because it was historic. Dolphins were not help more than 20 years ago, but last week the tradition of the calling and catching dolphins was revived."

Mr Tigi says he formed the company last year to see whether the people can benefit from activities relating to dolphin whether it is for sale overseas or for tourist attraction.

Mr Tigi says he is seeking assistance from government departments to help his company earn money for the rural people.

Source: SIBC

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