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Saturday, November 08, 2008


A Malaita chief supports the call by Guadalcanal Premier, Stephen Panga, for people to stop trespassing on land on Guadalcanal that were abandoned by others following the ethnic tension.

Chief James Mosuria of Matakwalao House of Chief in North Malaita says other people including those from Malaita must stay away from the abandoned lands.

Chief Mosuria says people must be patient and wait until government's proposed Commission of Inquiry into those land is set up and complete its work.

He says until the Commission has deliberated on those lands and made recommendations for authorities including both the national and Guadalcanal Province to decide what is appropriate concerning those lands, no body should trespass on those lands.

Chief Mosuria appeals to other people including Malaitans to respect the rights of the Guadalcanal people and stay away from those land and properties.

The chief also appeals to leaders of people concern to gather and talk with their people to abide by the law and stop trespassing on other peoples' land and properties.


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