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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Solomon Islands Red Cross convenes first-aid training for Rove Prison inmates

It is another break through for the Solomon Islands Red Cross' humanitarian work in the Solomon Islands when a combined team of First Aid and Dissemination programs convenes a two-day training for about eleven Rove Correctional Institution inmates which commenced yesterday.

According to Aloysious Erobaea (a local Red Cross First Aid instructor) the arrangement of that first ever training for inmates under the rehabilitation initiative of that Correctional institution has been welcomed by both the Red Cross and the inmates attending the two days training.

"Our goal is to prepare them to be self reliant when comes to work-related safety. This is a reason why we offer the training free as part of their rehabilitation.

"I on behalf of my colleagues, are thankful to the authority of the Rove Correctional Institution to have confidence in us to go that far and train the inmates in their cells. And we are looking forward for future trainings to that targeted group", he said.

At that same occasion, Mr Oligao Niniu, the SIRC Dissemination officer highlighted to the inmates the Red Cross has an important role to play beyond giving information about its activities and fund raisings. It asks the targeted groups like youths, arm carriers, public authorities, and communities (including the inmates at Rove) to respect lives and dignity of the protected groups such as the civilians, inmates, sick and wounded enemies, Red Cross and medical personnel, and religious people, even at a point when darkness covers the human hearts during wars.

"So Iam here today to tell you that Red Cross is a symbol of humanity. It is a symbol of hope to protect those are not involved in fightings and those no longer fighting because of sickness and wounds. And it must be respected at all times", commented Mr. Niniu.

The two-day training will be completed today with a certificate presentation to the 11 inmates for their completion of the Red Cross First Aid training.

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