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Friday, October 03, 2008

Folotalu outlines his plan for Lau-Mbaelelea Constituency

By Eddie Osifelo

New Member for Lau Baelelea, Walter Folotalu has committed to improve the economic activities in his constituency.

Fifty three years old Folotalu admitted yesterday in Honiara that it’s one of his first priority to achieve in the remaining 18 months.

“I am a farmer who believes in cocoa and palm oil,” he said.

“In the past two years, I formed ten farmers associations and planted 250 hectares. My aim is to hit 1000 hectares by 2010 in East Baelelea,” he said.

Mr Folotalu’s low down earth status has won the hearts of people in Lau Baelelea in last week’s bye election.

Despite facing the political war because of his background as somebody originated from Baegu Asifola.

Mr Folotalu managed to beat the other 16 candidates, whom some have alleged campaigned with money and use academic qualifications to sell in the political market.

He did that by living with people for most of his time and venturing into establishing an economic foundation for them in agriculture.

“In the past two years I applied for grants where we received tools, bush knives, air dryers, polly bags and others. This made the people to stand behind me,” he said.

Mr Folotalu arrived on MV Renbel on Tuesday unnoticed.

Solomon Star caught up with him in parliament yesterday after he appeared for a short briefing there. Mr Folotalu said he will rally behind the government because it is always his ethical and political philosophy.

“I do not think to take up any ministerial portfolios or chairmanships. I will stick to address issues at home,” he said.

Mr Folotalu once led the Baegu Asifola constituency in Malaita from 1993 - 1997.

After losing out to former MP Dr Steve Aumanu, Mr Folotalu decided to contest the Lau Baelelea seat in 2001. But he came second to former MP Paul Maenu.

Mr Folotalu then went back to Baegu Asifola to contest the 2006 seat, which he dropped to third spot.

But last week, Mr Folotalu, who lived at Mano’oba island escaped the political war in Lau Baelea to win the bye election convincingly.

Source: Solomon Star

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