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Monday, September 15, 2008

Premiers' conference opened in Temotu's provincial capital

The second Premiers' Conference has officially opened at the Temotu Provincial capital, Lata.

Solomon Prime Minister Derek Sikua officiated the official opening before Provincial Premiers, national and provincial governments dignitaries and other invited guests.

Speaking at the opening, Prime Minister Sikua reminded Premiers that Provincial Governments are regional governments and and not just agents of the national government.

He then reminded them of the job of the government to serve the people.

The Prime Minister said that the job of the government is not to sit down and push papers around or make speeches and ask for money.

"Your job as leaders of your Provincial Governments is to use whatever is available to you to lift up your people with the opportunities so that they can help themselves. You and your provincial executives are elected to facilitate, to clear the way for people to do things for themselves."

Other opening remarks were made by the Premier of Temotu as the host when he welcomed the Prime Minister and officials to the conference.

Mr Johnson Levela said the Province will continue to maintain its support for the national government and will take the outcome of the conference on to ensure that issues discussed do materialised.

"Temotu Province, despite the difficulties that we have gone through we are still proud to be part of Solomon Islands. And we will support your national government and all issues that are going to be dealt with, with all leaders of the Provinces. This conference will be taken as the responsibility on the part of my government and the people to assist address these issues."

Source: SIBC

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