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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Latest updates on the counting progress for Solomon bye-elections

As of now 5pm Solomon Time, none of the two awaited results for the bye-elections held for East Honiara and Lau/Baelelea Constituencies is announced.

It is expected that results for East Honiara may be declared later tonight whilst for Lau/Baelelea Constituency it is expected for tomorrow.

For East Honiara Constituency, out of 16 ballot boxes counted from around 37 boxes, Silas Milikada was the leader. That was at 12midday today but further details after that is not known at this stage.

For Lau/Baelelea Constituency with counting going on at Malu'u Station at this hour, only around 6 polling stations had been completed. Due to some minor alcohol related incidents the results are expected to be declared sometimes tomorrow.

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