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Friday, September 19, 2008

CBSI's new Governor is a To'abaitan by roots

As Solomon Islands welcomed the appointment of Mr Denton Hehenoro Rarawa to be the new governor of the nation's central bank, TARD is pleased to expose his To'abaita roots.

A lot of fellow To'abaitans do not know that Denton Rarawa is a To'abaitan.

It started with a To'abaita gentleman by the name of 'Siufiabiu' who originated from 'U'ua' and married to a woman in Wes Areare after working in the plantations near Su'u. After marriage Siufiabiu moved to settle at Marau and had a son by the name of 'Manepuria' who was married to a woman from the mainland Guadalcanal (Poposa) and had Denton Rarawa and Samson Tahuniara (SICHE Agriculture Teacher) with one sister.

In 2006, Samson attended a "family Tree" at Barafau Village(Suilifia's Village) in the To'abaita region.

Therefore, TARD would like to congratulate Mr Denton Rarawa for his new appointment as the Governor of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands.

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