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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Welcome" and "Goodbye" signboards to be installed at North Malaita Constituency boundaries

Those who have been to other countries overseas, are well aware of this, but for North Malaita Constituency this would be another 'first of its kind' for the region at least on a constituency boundary scale.

By end of this year, the To'abaita Authority for Research & Development (TARD) youth volunteer will be installing "WELCOME" and "FAREWELL" signboards at the two borders of the North Malaita Constituency, particularly at Aero River near Fo'ondo in ward 7 and Taba'a River near Matakwalao in ward 9.

The four signboards are now signwritten and ready for installation, thanks to the generous financial support of a couple in the United Kingdom, who funded this new initiative in partnership with TARD.

The welcome and farewell signboards are written in both English and the To'abaita dialect.

This community initiative is aimed at restoring pride, community ownership and belongedness to the people that live within the Constituency. It is also anticipated to provide a different atmosphere for visitors to the constituency.

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