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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Malaita Premier faces leadership challenge

Malaita Premier Richard Na'amo Irosaea is facing a leadership challenge.

Provincial Assembly member Jimmy Manewai who until yesterday was former Sport Minister reported from Auki that seven Provincial Ministers have by 3pm yesterday handed in their resignation to the Provincial Speaker, Richard Watekari.

Mr Manewai says the resignation letters have been copied to Premier Irosaea.

He says the reasons for the seven Provincial Ministers' resignation is because they are confused with the Premier's leadership style.

Mr Manewai says among the reasons is the Premier making decisions without consulting the Provincial Executive.

"A very good example is the Malaita Second Appointed Day which was held last week. I mean anything to do with Malaita Province which involves the provincial government the executive should have a say in them. The Executive did not have a say in what happened in the events marking the province's second appointed day last week."

SIBC News was not able to verify the resignation with either the Malaita Provincial Assembly Speaker, Mr Watekari or Premier Irosaea.

Source: SIBC

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