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Friday, July 25, 2008

Keep ex-militants off your argument: Fioga said.

A FORMER militant warns leaders against using ex-militants for their own gain.

Andrew Fioga from Malaita sounded the warning in light of claims Opposition leader Manasseh Sogavare is using ex-militants to overthrow the Government.

"I urge both the Government and the Opposition to keep ex-militants off their arguments,” Mr Fioga said.“They have no right to use these young men for their political gain,”

the former Malaita Eagle Force member said.He also called on former militants not to give in to selfish politicians.Mr Fioga said the current political arguments between the Government and the Opposition are taking us nowhere.

"It is not even helping in the peace and rehabilitation process that they talked so much about,”
he said.

He said former militants should never believe or accept what the politicians are promising."From what I am told, various leaders have promised ex-militants $20,000 each as a rehabilitation package.

"How can that be true? There were more than 4000 men involved in the ethnic tension. Where would you get the money to pay us? Such promises are unrealistic and simply not true,”

Mr Fioga said. He said true peace does not come from how much money we spent.“True peace comes only from the heart. Lasting peace can be achieved in our nation when each individual has lasting peace in his heart. Time for fighting and war is over. It’s now time to learn to love and forgive each other,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Fioga said he is finalising a reconciliation ceremony between his family and Guadalcanal Province.

Mr Fioga grew up with his family on Guadalcanal after his father migrated from Malaita.His father was killed during the ethnic tension and the family lost all their properties on the island.He said he got involved with MEF after his father was killed.

Source: Solomon Star

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