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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Earthquake strikes near Makira this morning but no reported damage

Reports from HF radios nearest to the epicenter of a 6.2 earthquake at 0320am today near west Makira say there are no damages, landslides or high waves.

The reports were received from Ngarigohu clinic on Anuta Island and Tarainua clinic at Rumahui village as well as Tawaraha clinic and Tetere in the west Makira constituency.

The National Disaster Management Council says the reports were received through relays from the Kira Kira hospital.

Waimapuru school in Central Makira and west Rawo have also earlier reported feeling the quake but there were no damages.

Despite the above reports the NDMO is still on standby through HF radio to monitor and receive further information, if there are any.

Source: SIBC

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