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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Solomon Islanders urged to grow local food as imported food price rises

The Honiara Custom Garden Association is advising people to grow local food in order to ease the burden of high inflation on goods sold in shops.

Jack Kalisto from the association says growing local food is something that Solomon Islanders have been doing for many years.

He says imported food like rice is a foreign food that's been introduced to the country not long ago.

Mr Kalisto rules out fears that the country is facing a food crisis because of the high price of rice.

He urges people to grow more local crops because it is sustainable and cheaper, just like people in the villages who rely on local food crops all their life.

Mr Kalisto says people in town can make use of any little space around their homes to grow vegetables and cabbages.

He says the Custom Garden Association can teach people skills on how to do organic farming.

Source: SIBC

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