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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Honiara City Council turns down 'car washing' proposal by unemployed youth group

The Honiara City Council has refused a proposal by a group of unemployed youths to provide a car washing service at the Kola Ridge cemetery.

A Paul Ramo from Mbokonavera Two had written to the Council on behalf of the group of 10 youths, asking the council to allow the group to continue with this business activity.

Ramo says the youths from Mbokonavera Two and Koahill were involved in social problems such as marijuana and kwaso, but since they took part in car washing they no longer involve with such problems.

But the Council refused the application saying it received a letters from members of the public who oppose the car washing activity at the cemetery.

It says people who go to the cemetery to bury their dead are not happy with the amount of activity around the area as a result of the car washing operation.

The Council says the amount of water flowing down the road is likely to cause unwanted drains and affect the condition of the road.

It says vehicles which park at the area to receive the service could be in the way of moving traffic which could cause road accidents.

The Council advised Mr Ramo and his youths to obtain a proper business licence, acquire a piece of land and build a proper drainage system for the business to operate.

Source: SIBC

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