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Friday, April 11, 2008

Solomons government aims to help rural people whilst provincial premier questions budget

The Solomon Government aims to turn the country’s rural population to become the countries asset for economic prosperity.

Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Selwyn Riumana said this when speaking on the 2008 budget in Parliament.

Mr Riumana said the Government wishes to see the empowerment of rural dwellers through rural advancement policies.

He said the equitable distribution of economical activities is one of the main ingredients for attaining stability and security in the nation.

Mr Riumana as the majority of population are rural dwellers they depend much on subsistence agriculture for survival and existence.

However, in the absence of equitable distribution for sustainable economical activities the Minister said the people have become dependent on the government.

Meanwhile the Premier of Choiseul Province Jackson Kiloe has questioned what percentage of the recently passed budget has been allocated to be spent in the rural areas or on projects that advance rural development.

While congratulating parliament for passing the budget, Mr Kiloe says so far a lot of funding meant for rural development have been spent in Honiara, citing the recent fisheries project as one of the latest examples.

The premier says the rural people feel their names have been used as bait to attract funding support from donors, adding that most funding received in the name of rural people end up in Honiara.

Mr Kiloe says leaders must not continue to underestimate the power of the rural people in the economy as they are the majority and they elect 47 out of 50 members of parliament.

He says people in the provinces also contribute to various commodities towards the national purse.

The Choiseul Premier however says they are thankful that the current government has put more emphasis on addressing rural development issues.

But he says the Government needs to go beyond the paper budget and deliver the services to the people who own the country.

Source: SIBC

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