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Friday, March 07, 2008

Solomon government keen to develop another township in North Malaita's Suava Bay

The Solomon Islands National Government is keen to develop Suava Bay (pictured) in North Malaita into a commercial township.

Minister of Commerce, Industries and Employment Francis Billy Hilly told people of Suava Bay last Friday that the current Government has agreed on that initiative and called on people to support the plan.

Minister Hilly led a government team including the Premier of Malaita Province Richard Irosaea Na’amo to Suava Bay last Friday on a site visit to the area.

He assured people of the government’s commitment to the project.

The Government Communications Unit reports that the purpose of the trip is to see first-hand the location where the government agrees to open up as a centre for industrial development.

Mr Hilly said the Government has only two years to work and they want to make sure that these words happen.

The Minister explained to people that the centre will benefit them in many ways.

Mr Hilly said at the present people in the are are isolated from commercial centres like Auki and have to travel long distances to access commercial and other crucial social services.

He said the centre will create demand for other development around the place while workers will need commodities that can be produced there.

Mr Hilly said other benefits will include social services such as the presence of police, health and medical care, water and electricity supply and other basic necessities.

Source: SIBC

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