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Monday, February 04, 2008

SUMITOMO Metal Mining plegded care for natural environment should it operates in Isabel and Choiseul provinces of Solomons

SUMITOMO Metal Minings (SMM) of Japan has pledged to care for the environment in all its operations. The company is currently looking for nickel in Isabel and Choiseul provinces.

Its chief executive officer Yukio Kawaguchi made the pledge at a farewell dinner to end an educational tour in Manila recently which consist of Isabel and Choiseul provincial Landowners.

Mr Kawaguchi stressed that the environmental is of one their priority areas and will ensure it is taken care of in all their operations. “SMM will strive to reduce environmental burdens from our domestic and overseas business undertakings and to live harmony and co-prosperity with local community,” he said.

Our mission is to carry on the spirit of harmonious co-existence with the environment that has been part of our policy ever since the start of our operations number of years ago,” he said.

Mr Kawaguchi said the tour is important for the leaders and landowners to see and understand how the company operates in line with the environmental concerns. “We sincerely hope that following the site tour you have been able to understand our policy and activities,” he told the local delegation.

He also asked the leaders and the landowners for their support and corporation to their Nickel Projects in Solomon Islands. SMM has a 400-year history in nickel mining, and had responded well to environmental demands in its mine development and smelting and refining operations.

Sameul Manetoali MP for Gao/Boguto and Minister for Police, National Security and Justice, in response said the visit has achieved its aims to see how Sumitomo is processing low grade nickel ores.

Choiseul Premier Jackson Kiloe said SMM had invested a lot in environmental protection which is encouraging. “Because many people had attributed mining to environmental distruction but not with SMM which has so much concern for the environment. “It also had the capacity, resources and technology to protect the environment,” he said.

Both leaders also acknowledged the contribution the company had made so far to people in the two provinces.

Source: Solomon star

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