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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

North Malaitan leader called on Malaitans to develop their own province

It is time Malaita people develop their island so that it will help stop people for going to other provinces in search of work for money.

A Malaita leader in Honiara, Director of the National Museum, Lawrence Foanaota, says the meeting this week between Honiara City Council and the Malaita Provincial Government leaders to address various issues is timely.

"I see it as very important, especially to make sure our people look more to the island. When problems happen you hear its people from Malaita and I think it is time that we should look at these kinds of things. Go back, discuss with the leaders on Malaita and put together some strategy which can be used to attract Malaitans to go back to the province."

Mr Foanaota says the City Mayor Alfred Maetia should on his return to the capital brief Malaita leaders in Honiara about the outcome of the meeting with Malaita Provincial Government leaders.

He says wider consultations on the issues should be sought among Malaitans in Honiara.

Mayor Maetia and his delegation are expected to spend four days in Auki to discuss those issues with the Malaita Provincial Government.


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