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Monday, February 18, 2008

Malaitan tribal leader welcome combine effort of Honiara city Mayor and Provincial government leaders to boost development in Malaita Province

A tribal leader in Malaita Province, Harry Arufaegwao congratulates Malaita Premier and the Honiara city mayor for initiating a proposal to address the issue of providing development which would provide employment for Malaitans in their home province.

Chief Arufaegwao says the problem of Malaitans leaving home to seek employment elsewhere in other provinces due to lack of development infrastructure in their own home province has been left unattended for a long time.

Chief Arufaegwao says the initiative to pressurize Government take serious consideration of this phenomenon is important.

He says it helps give weight to why Government must push ahead with the development of the proposed national development projects at Bina Harbour and Auluta Basin.

At the same time Chief Arufaegwao appeals to all tribal groups who claim ownership to portions of land in the two proposed areas to co-operate with the authorities speed up the land acquisition process.

He says this will pave the way to get the projects started.

Chief Arufaegwao says it's important all land owning tribes open up their land for development

Source: SIBC

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