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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Two Malaitan women to contest Solomon Islands' national parliamentary seats

Two women will be contesting in the by-elections for East Malaita and Aoke Langalanga constituencies.

Taeasi Sanga, wife of the late East Malaita MP Joses Sanga, and Helen Huniehu, wife of East Are’are MP Edward Huniehu will be contesting in the upcoming by-elections.

Mrs Sanga will be contesting the East Malaita seat while Mrs Huniehu the Aoke/Langalanga seat.

Reports from Malaita Province said a total of eight candidates have confirmed they will be contesting in the by-elections. For East Malaita four names have been confirmed, Mrs Sanga, Billy Farobo, David Toisai and Honiara City Mayor Alfred Maetia. Aoke Langalanga also confirmed four names.They are Mrs Huniehu, Charles Ferani, Billy Manu and Matthew Wale.

Reports from Malaita said these numbers would increase when the official date for the elections is declared. The by-elections are proposed for March. Voters’ registration lists are now released to the constituencies and these should be finalised soon.

Intending candidates will start campaigning after the election date is declared.

Source: Solomonstar

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