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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Australia to implement a three-year Development Research Strategy to prove the quality of Ausaid

As a first step in the long process of improving the quality and effectiveness of Australia's overseas aid, the Australian Government is implementing an enhanced three-year Development Research Strategy.

Parliamentary Secretary for International Development Assistance Bob McMullan said 'it is not good enough to just increase the quantity of aid.

He said although that is important, we must increase the quality of the aid as well.

'Therefore, McMullan said the Australian Government will provide 8.8 million dollars for 27 new Australian Development Research Awards.

He said good research leads to a more effective aid program.

The research will provide decision-makers with practical solutions to the most difficult development challenges in the Asia-Pacific region.

Mr McMullan announced the strategy and the Development Research Awards at an international development conference in Brisbane.

Solomon Islands received millions of dollar each year from Ausaid.

Source: SIBC

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