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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Opposition group has a new political name

The Opposition grouping has named itself the "Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement", C-NURA.Announcing some of the policies of the group, MP for East Are'are Edward Huni'ehu says the group will re-name the Bottom Up Approach policy to Grassroot/Rural Development Approach.

He says under the new arrangement,C-NURA will formulate and establish effective ways to ensure successful implementation of the Bottom Up Approach Policy.Mr Huni'ehu says that to ensure the new rural development policy meets the aspiration of the rural people, the government under the C-NURA will strengthen the Department of National Planning and Aid Coordination to ensure the policy is realistic and viable.

He says under the Bottom Up Approach policy propagated by the Sogavare-led government, much of the money receive by the government was spent on luxurious utilities, huge salary hikes and support to his associated that nothing much is left for rural development.

Mr Huni'ehu says the Prime Minister had spent most of the time protecting his friends leaving nothing much for Rural Constituency Development Officer little to implement rural-based developments.

He says under new strategies advocated by C-NURA, the group will re-engage donor partners and provinces to develop a national aid policy.

Source: SIBC

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