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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

If they fire me, they'll pay me, says Khan

Police Commissioner Jahir Khan says he’ll return to the Solomon Islands in two weeks to resume work.

Mr Khan has been accused by the Solomons Opposition of deserting his men, ahead of the parliamentary no-confidence, in which Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare was toppled.

However, Mr Khan has strongly denied the suggestion. Mr Khan says the Solomon Islands Government gave him leave.

He said, If they have terminate my contract then they have to pay me out for the remainder of my contract. But there has been no indication as such. They cannot fire me, if they fire me, they pay me out.

I am a contracted police officer, appointed by the Government under the Constitution –being sworn in by the Governor General and I’ve been assured by the Governor General about my position and told just to monitor what is the outcome of the political impasse ad then I need to come back and resume my duties.

Mr Khan is a former Assistant commissioner of Fiji police.

Mr Khan says he has no connection with Attorney –General Julian Moti but adds the Fiji-born lawyer could get his job back if he clear his name in Australia.

Australia has been after the controversial lawyer over child sex allegations.

Source: Peoplefirstnet

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