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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tikopia to established cultural centre to avoid cultural changes

A Cultural centre will be established in Tikopia early next year.This was the idea of John Sevakese and Willie Atamaitonu.

The two Tikopians said this centre should help retain the culture of Tikopia, which is slowing disappearing. “We fear that the modern influence on young people today will bring about change in our traditional society so that’s why we are starting this centre,” Mr Atamaitonu said.

He said the centre would be used to display the tradition and culture of Tikopia and also the historic heritages of the island. Mr Atamaitonu said there would also be a collection of stories from their ancestors displayed in the centre and also stories of the first settlers and how people of that island migrated there and help those who want to research into Tikopian culture.

“It is important for the future generations of this country to maintain their cultural traditions because it is part of our identity and we should be proud of it,” he said.

He added that they have already made consultations with the National Art Gallery to discuss how to start up the centre. Therefore, Mr Atamaitonu appealed to the leaders and the people of Tikopia to support the idea of a cultural centre.

Source: Solomonstar

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