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Monday, October 15, 2007

Huni'ehu criticises SI Government's flagship BUA Policy

Solomon Islands Opposition spokesman for Finance Edward Huni'ehu reiterates the government's Bottom Up Approach (BUA) concept lacks a well defined policy base.

In a statement, Mr Huni'ehu says only a well defined policy base can be used to attract donor partners to provide collateral financing with the government.

However, he says because there is no well defined policy, the B-U-A concept is only a tool to make the rich become richer and the poor to remain poor.

The East Are'Are M-P says it was regrettable that such a flagship policy concept was announced and introduced to the people of Solomon Islands before developing a policy and structural base for its implementation.

Mr Huni'ehu made the comments in response to the new minister for Rural Development Clement Kengava, who, upon his appointment, said the B-U-A concept is the government's core policy for rural development.

But Mr Huni'ehu says the new ministry of Rural Development is a duplication because other government ministries are already and adequately dealing with rural development issues.

The Opposition M-P says the new ministry has no budgetary allocation, and therefore could be sourcing the much needed funds for rural development from contingency warrants.

He says instead of benefiting from the concept, rural people have received nothing but propaganda, and government abusing the status of the rural people for its political survival.

Source: SIBC

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