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Monday, September 03, 2007

Huge infrastructure work to be completed soon in Malaita and Guadalcanal

Engineers in the Solomon Islands provinces of Malaita and Guadalcanal are in their last stages of completing a huge infrastructure development project.

The two road projects is a co-operation between the Solomon Islands government, the Asian Development Bank, and Australia’s and New Zealand’s aid agencies, AusAid and NZAID.

NZ AID’s manager in Solomon Islands, Guy Redding, says most roads and bridges in the two provinces will be rebuilt by November.

Mr Redding says this is significant.

“There is a quite extensive road network, but it is fallen into disrepair, it is extremely muddy, pot holed, and in some times of the year, during rainy periods, the roads are completely impassable. The people can’t get from A to B, they can’t get to markets, they can’t get to provincial capitals, children may have to walk to school, which can take up to a few hours, people can’t get to clinics.”

Guy Redding says better roads are addressing these needs and may also be beneficial for the economic development of the country.

Mr Redding says another project is looking at providing infrastructure to other parts of the country.

Meanwhile, non-governmental organisations in Solomon Islands are praising the extensive infrastructure development that is currently being facilitated in the country.

By November this year, most roads and bridges in Guadalcanal and Malaita will be rehabilitated, while another project looks into rebuilding roads in other parts of the country.

Peter Kwanairara, who is working for The People’s First Network in Malaita says the roads already make a huge difference to the communities there.

“With the improvement of the road condition, it helps a lot in people’s life. It is very helpful to have better roads. Better roads help people in their marketing of copra, as well as other things, which includes services.”

And Leonard Marzyano from the Solomon Islands Development Trust agrees and says it will improve their quality of life.

Source: RNZI

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