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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Taiwanese Ambassador releases $10 million educational grant for tertiary studies

By Deli Oso, Press Secretary to the PM

The ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan), his Excellency George Chan in a meeting with Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare this morning released a SBD$10-million grant for educational awards for Solomon Islands.

Ambassador Chan also released SBD$1-million for the Guadalcanal Provincial Government Office's Project, SBD$750,000 for the Choiseul Bay Township Project-Preliminary Component and SBD$317,000 for the Kaonasugu Copra Buying Centre Rehabilitation Programme in Makira/Ulawa Province.

He said the educational grant would cater for 500 students to pursue further studies in Papua New Guinea and Fiji.

“Education is the momentum of economic growth for a nation and a nation will prosper with it.

“I believe that more students in Solomon Islands will benefit from the award project and return to serve the country and people after completing their degrees.”

The ambassador said the other three projects were rural-based and thus were consistent with the Solomon Islands government’s bottom-up approach development policy aimed at enhancing development throughout the country.

“Kaonasugu Copra Buying Center is a pilot project aiming to revitalize and ensure sustainability of the copra and cocoa industries in Makira Province and community farmers will make profits for selling agricultural goods.

“The other two funding will help the two provinces for relocating headquarters and building new townships,” he said.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in response expressed deep appreciation for the funds. He said the Republic of China’s continued assistance to Solomon Islands was a manifestation of its commitment to the development of its ally countries.

Mr Sogavare said Taiwan had stood by Solomon Islands in both good and bad times and hence deserved the praise and respect of all Solomon Islanders.

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