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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Solomons PM urges opposition members to work together with his gov't to deliver


Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has challenged the MPs of the National Parliamentary Opposition to work together with the government to serve the nation rather than promoting themselves as the better alternative government.

Mr Sogavare made the challenge yesterday when he wound up the sine die motion in parliament.

“Instead of promoting yourselves as a better alternative government, I challenge the Opposition members to demonstrate their ability as leaders of this country by working with us to identify and address national priorities instead of continuously bringing motions (of no-confidence) to this house.”

He said it stood out clearly that the motions were driven by the desire of the Australian government for a regime change in Solomon Islands.

The Prime Minister said political instability had already cost Solomon Islands a great deal of pain and suffering and as responsible leaders serious about national development and interest, all parliamentarians should work together to achieve their priority objectives.

He said he was hurt to see national leaders openly supported Australia’s military and political agenda under the camouflage of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands.

“People (MPs) like that are very dangerous to the long-term development of this country and should resign their seats.

“Although we may not be a military power in the pacific, we have a right to protect our sovereign interest,” Mr Sogavare said.
Mr Sogavare said as the political head of Solomon Islands he was obliged to warn members of parliament against being used as puppets for the military and political agenda of Australia.

He meanwhile thanked his ministers and backbenchers for standing firm on the Grand Coalition for Change government beliefs in the face of condemnation and rebuke and their unquestionable support for its policies without fear or favour.

The Prime Minister said his government was held together by the commitment of its members to preserve the sovereignty and dignity of Solomon Islands.

He said all decisions made by the Grand Coalition for Change Government were formalised legitimately and transparently to demonstrate its commitment towards good governance and accountability.

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