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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Solomons Constitutional Congress and Elder's Advisory Induction currently underway

By Deli Oso, Press Secretary to the PM

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has thanked the nationals who have accepted their appointments to the constitutional congress and the elders’ advisory group.

Mr Sogavare thanked the congress and advisory group last night at the launch of their induction programme.

The congress and advisory consist of 34 and 20 members respectively.

The Prime Minister described the induction launch as a momentous occasion having being the largest gathering of Solomon Islanders called upon for a national duty.

He said the pathway to achieving a solid conclusion to the constitutional reform programme was to place the reformation responsibility on the shoulders of Solomon Islanders.

“I now therefore take this opportunity to welcome wholeheartedly all of you who have accepted to take part in the constitutional reform programme.

“On behalf of our country Solomon Islands I thank each and every one of you for accepting this huge if not daunting responsibility.”

Mr Sogavare assured the congress and advisory group of his Grand Coalition for Change Government’s support to ensure they achieve their mandated goal.

“The government has allocated SBD$2.4-million this year and will ensure that the 2008 appropriation is sufficient to ensure this important reform is completed.”

He likened the current Solomon Islands constitution as a house without a solid foundation and therefore the constitutional congress is tasked with the crucial role of reconstructing the house and upon a firm foundation.

Mr Sogavare said he believed Solomon Islanders had a fair understanding that constitutional reform was necessary however the political system failed to implement the changes that people aspire.

The Prime Minister said the ethnic tension was an expensive and painful lesson for Solomon Islands .

However he said the signing of the Townsville Peace Agreement was the creation of a new dawn for Solomon Islands whereby an agenda was put in place to restore peace by acknowledging the urgent need to reform the constitution.

The Grand Coalition for Change Government is committed to implement the proposed federal state government system during its term in office.

The induction programme ends this Thursday.

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