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Monday, August 06, 2007

Renbel Premier receives vehicles from SIG for Premier's conference

By Deli Oso, Press Secretary to the PM

The Premier of Renbel Province, Solly Tengemoana yesterday received three vehicles from the national government towards his province’s hosting of the 2007 Premiers conference next month.

The minister for Provincial Government and Constituency Development, Japhet Waipora handed the vehicles at a presentation ceremony outside the Anthony Saru building yesterday afternoon.

Two of the vehicles were funded by the Republic of China Government and the third by the national government.

Mr Waipora said the national government’s entrustment of the responsibility of hosting the conference to Renbell manifested the trust and confidence it had in the Renbell Provincial government and people.

He said the decision was in line with the government’s Bottom-Up Approach development policy.

Mr Waipora said critics have said that the hosting of the premiers conference in the Polynesian province would be expensive due to its remoteness from the capital and the onus was now on the province to prove them wrong.

He referred to Renbell Province as ‘a lost paradise’ with a great potential for tourism and urged the province to capitalize on that event to display its beauty to the provincial leaders and other leaders and dignitaries who would be attending.

In response, an appreciative Tengemoana thanked the national government and the government of the Republic of China for the ‘gift’ of vehicles.

He said the ceremony today was a milestone in the development of his province as the three vehicles were the first vehicles the government gave to his province since 1993.

Mr Tengemoana assured the national government that the vehicles would be used for their intended purpose.

He said his government was looking at securing three more vehicles for the event.

The premier said his provincial government hoped to send the vehicles to Renbell tomorrow aboard a charted vessel.

Mr Tengemoana said his province was excited at being given the honour of hosting the event and that honour gave his provincial people a sense of belonging to Solomon Islands .

He said Renbell people felt left out by the national government in the past in terms of development and thus felt alienated from the rest of Solomon Islands.

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