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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

PM Sogavare calls on parliamentarians to be nationalistic rather than serving foreign interests

By GCCG Press Office

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has called for all parliamentarians to serve national interests and not the agendas of foreign regimes.

Mr Sogavare made the call in parliament yesterday following the opposition group’s failed attempt to topple his government through a series of motions of no-confidence.

He said the Opposition’s claim that the motions of no-confidence were in the best interest of the nation was ridiculous.

Mr Sogavare said however the opposition might want to argue in support of the motions of no-confidence the fact remained clear that there were foreign forces who simply hated his government.

The Prime Minister said his Grand Coalition for Change Government (GCCG) was the first government in the history of Solomon Islands that was seriously concerned about addressing the issues that resulted in the ethnic tension and yet the opposition group saw it fit to attempt to oust the government.

Mr Sogavare said the group also contradicted itself when it attempted to topple the government and at the same time supported the 2007 budget.

“In fact by passing of the 2007 budget, the parliament which comprises the opposition and the government benches was effectively saying it agreed with the direction which the GCCG is taking our country in terms of development.”

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said the amount of money involved in the latest attempt to topple his government was unimaginable.

He said all Solomon Islanders taking sides with foreign forces to oppose the government were undermining the sovereignty and laws of Solomon Islands.

“That is outright irresponsible. Such people are a danger to national security, peace and stability of the country. They are better off migrated from this country,” he said.

Mr Sogavare meanwhile warned former militants to stay clear from the opposition’s ‘evil agenda’ to use them to lie under oath to tarnish the character of the Prime Minister and the MP for East Honiara.

He said former militants should not fall for quick money promises but rather learn from the sad fate of the other former militants in the Rove prison.

“These people who were onetime supporters of the former regime. They are virtually abandoned.”

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