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Friday, August 17, 2007

Malaitans must change attitude and values to achieve positive community development: North Malaita MP

By Brian Wanga, Auki

Malaitans must develop appropriate attitude and moral values if they want positive development in their communities.

This was the message of North Malaita MP Enele Kwanairara during the Malaita Second Appointed Day celebrations on Wednesday.

Mr Kwanairara said development and improvement begins with each individual.

“We cannot develop nor improve our lives if we continue to wait for others to do things for us or give us development,” he said.

Mr Kwanairara’s speech was delivered by his representative Francis Kairi, as he is currently recovering from a mild stroke.

He said people should stop waiting for others but must decide on what they should do to improve their lives and that of their family members and community.

“Malaita’s development and improvement can only come about genuinely if we take the initiative to do things first rather that wait for government or aid donors to give us development on a plate,” he said.

“Without sweat and tears there can be no progress and this is now more urgent for all Malaitans as our population grows at a very high rate each year.”

Mr Kwanairara said the national government’s Bottom Up Approach policy is not going to bring free goods or money.

“We are required to work and use our natural resources together with our human skills and talents in order to meet the needs of our families or start small rural based businesses and industries,” the MP said.

Therefore, he urged all Malaitans to come together with their leaders to discuss and plan ways for the use of their resources to improve their lives.

“Land disputes cannot help people to move away from poverty but will make people poorer and desperate even for meeting their basic needs,” Mr Kwanairara said.

Source: Solomon Star

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