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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fono denies Dausabea's letter claim that Opposition is encouraging former militants to press complaints against gov't MPs

Solomon Islands Opposition Leader Fred Fono has denied allegations that the Opposition group is encouraging former militants to press complaints to Police against the Prime Minister and East Honiara MP, Charles Dausabea.

Speaking in parliament this morning, Mr Fono also asked Mr Dausabea to distribute to members of Parliament copies of a letter he claimed as proof that the Opposition is using certain former militants for political gain.

Mr Dausabea yesterday showed that letter to parliament when he raised the issue which he said was of concern to him.

The Speaker ruled that the East Honiara make available to MPs, copies of that letter.

But Mr Fono said the letter was not made available to MPs, and urged the MP to honour the Speaker's ruling.

Mr Fono denied the allegation, saying it really tarnishes the Opposition group in Parliament.

"Although we may be categorised as evil, Mr Speaker Sir, let God judge us not man to judge us. And I call on the MP for East Honiara to distribute that letter. Whatever the content of that letter, it is the person who wrote that letter and not the whole Opposition group. Let that be the message for us in Parliament and the nation - that we have no part in whatever that strategy or what ever the content of that letter we have at no time discussed that."

Source: SIBC

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