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Monday, August 20, 2007

Central Honiara MP seeks gov't approval to revoke leases on undeveloped land by Chinese and reallocate to indigenous people

Central Honiara Member of Parliament Nelson Ne’e is demanding the Government take back land leased to Solomon Islands Chinese and not developed and instead reallocate to indigenous Solomon Islanders.

It is understood Ne'e's demand is included in a paper submitted to Cabinet last week.

Ne’e said his paper has received Cabinet’s approval and forwarded to the responsible department. However, Lands Minister Leslie Boseto said he is yet to receive the paper.

Ne’e said the decision to seek the land was based on the wishes of his people in Central Honiara.

He said his constituents have asked him to take action because they feel most of Honiara’s land is in the possession of Asians.

Ne’e said his paper asks the Government to approve the return to the state of undeveloped land held by Chinese. He said the land should then be re-allocated to indigenous Solomon Islanders.

Ne’e on Friday urged the Government to give the actual timing of the rebuilding of Chinatown. A large area of Chinatown, which sits in Ne’e’s constituency, was burnt down during the 2006 April Riots.

Redevelopment has not started because of differences over how Chinatown should be rebuilt. Where there were once busy shops there are now empty, often overgrown, spaces.

Source: Solomon Star

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