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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Malaita Premier appreciates the overwhelming success of trade and independence celebration.

By Brian Waga

The Premier of Malaita Province Hon. Richard Iro’saea Na’amo was lost with words to describe his uttermost appreciation to the National Government and People of Solomon Islands for making the National Trade and Cultural Show and the 29th Independence Celebrations in Auki Malaita Province a great success and a milestone in the history of Solomon Islands.

Speaking from the Malaita Provincial Capital of Auki, Premier Iro’saea said “I would like to take this opportunity to thank firstly the National Government and the Republic of China Taiwan for the major funding and financial support in undertaking this national event on our shores”.

“With your support Malaita Province was honored and humbled to be the host for this years celebrations”.

“Also to mention the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Employment, Small and Medium Enterprise Council and to all business houses who are too many to name, who were involved in participating in the Trade and Cultural show through your financial support both directly and indirectly in participating in the events.”

“Please accept my salute and thank you on behalf of the people of Malaita Province because without your belief and faith in us as a worthy people in your involvement with us their would have been nothing to show case and participate in terms of the activities and trade in Malaita”, Premier Na’amo added.

“Also a very special word of thank you and appreciation to members of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and RAMSI and their families who sacrificed their time to ensure their presence to our people to continue and enjoy the day to day activities in peace as families together enjoyed the celebrations”,said Premier Na’amo.

“Finally but not the least to all fellow Solomon Islanders in all walks of life, Malaitans who participated one-way or the other in the Agriculture Shows, the Cultural Groups and live entertaining Bands, thank you so much especially on behalf of the Malaita Public at large for your trust in us and in enjoying our hospitality and in ensuring and proving that we are a happy, friendly and hospitable people from Malaita who are proud Malaitans and ever prouder Solomon Islanders”, he said.

Source: PMC

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