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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Coalition claims Opposition losing numbers.

The Chairman of the Government Caucus, Nelson Ne’e has called on the Parliamentary Wing Leader of the National Party, Francis Billy Hilly to stop making unfounded claims in the media.

Mr Hilly has earlier claimed that six government MPs have reverted to the Opposition ahead of the next Parliament session that is expected to begin early next month.

However, Mr Ne’e said the truth is that Mr Hilly’s party members left the National Party’s camp “high and dry” last year to join the Government, with Mr Hilly as the only remaining National Party member.

Mr Ne’e said the Grand Coalition for Change Government has maintained the support of its Cabinet Ministers and Backbenchers. “It was only the Opposition camp that has been continuously losing its members,” Mr Ne’e told Government Communications Unit.

He said, the latest Opposition MP to join the Government was the MP for Maringe/Kokota, Varian Longamei, which now brings the total number of Government MPs to 32.

He said the usual tabling of the no-confidence motion by the Parliamentary Opposition has become a regular undertaking during the last Parliament sessions “but they lacked the teeth to bite”.

Mr Ne’e said the current Government should be given the chance to lead the nation as its Bottom-Up Approach policies have overwhelming support from the rural masses.

He said prominent figures at the Opposition Group like Mr Hilly and the intended mover of the next no-confidence motion, Edward Huniehu have already served in past governments, and that their achievements left a lot to be desired.

Source: Solomon star.

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