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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Solomon Islands' Prime minister reveals Opposition's evil strategy to topple his ruling government.

PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare yesterday shows the $50,000 he says was used to try to bribe one of his ministers on Wednesday. Mr Sogavare alleged that the payment was secretly delivered to the minister by an agent of the Leader of Opposition. It was part of a strategy to get at least six more Government ministers to switch sides, the Prime Minister said.

But Opposition Leader Fred Fono last night denied any knowledge of the alleged bribery. It was news to him, he said, when the Solomon Star contacted him. Mr Fono said he will investigate and then make a statement today. Mr Sogavare said the money was part of an evil strategy by the Opposition to topple his Government. Mr Sogavare, appearing lost for words, described the alleged bribery bid as disgusting. “There’s no place for bribery,” an angry Mr Sogavare said.

A senior Government minister told Solomon Star that the revelation of the bribery showed who actually used money during the election of prime minister last year. Mr Sogavare said he believes that the revelation shows that “God is with us”. It was alleged that the Opposition agent delivered the money to the minister on Wednesday afternoon.

The intention was to allegedly influence six other ministers in return for financial reward. But the minister instead surrendered the money to him, the Prime Minister said. It was now subject to Police investigation. Mr Sogavare said he was bitterly disappointed with the leadership style of some national leaders. “Any sensible leader should stop harassing the government with such evil strategies,” Mr Sogavare told journalists in a late afternoon press conference.

He warned that if it was found that foreigners were behind the bribery allegation then they will be deported. But if they are locals their right place is Rove Prison, he said. Mr Sogavare said he could not rule out financial backing from foreign sources to the Opposition as some don’t like his Government.

Source: Solomon star

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