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Monday, April 30, 2007

West Makira Chief urges Solomons government to physically implement its much talked about bottom-up-approach in rural areas

A chief in West Makira John Harai wants the Solomon Islands national government to implement the Bottom Up Approach policy instead of just talking about it.

He says since the government came into power more than a year ago, this policy has been talked about by the government in all media outlets but no physical development is seen in the rural areas.

Mr Harai says people in rural areas have high hope in the government's Bottom Up Approach but the delay in implementing the policy physically is slowly eroding the people's patience.

He says funds through various ministries to assist in rural area-based projects have either been suspended or the bureaucratic process is beefed up making it hard for people in rural areas to access.

Mr Harai suggests that such funding should not be channeled through the provincial governments, because they've achieved less and funds are usually diverted to other administrative matters.

He says the government should be doing things in rural areas now because as of next year, it will be focusing its attention on how to win 2010 general election leaving little time for the implementation of the Bottom Up Approach policy.

Source: SIBC

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