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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tsunami victims complain of unfair distribution of relief supplies while GG calls for fair distribution to the most needy

There have been claims of unequal distribution of aid to victims of last Monday's disaster in various refugee camps in Gizo.

A radio reporter in Gizo, Leni Dalavera says there are claims that local Red Cross officers are giving priority service to relatives, and local Red Cross volunteers are people from one island.

Dalavera says the allegations came from disgruntled disaster victims in Malakerava one who say there were not given food supplies for two days from the disaster committee. He says others from Malakerava three say their food supplies have been scaled down.

Dalavera says people from other refugee camps in Gizo also made complaints.

But a member of the National Assessment team Jonathan Taisia says it is almost difficult to make every body happy in such times. Taisia says Red Cross accepts criticisms that were made by affected communities. He however calls for cooperation and honesty from victims in such difficult times.

Taisia says the Red Cross office in Gizo has encountered a lot of dishonest people who want to receive assistance more than others. He says Red Cross is facing problems with logistics in terms of food distribution from forward grounds in Gizo.

Meanwhile, Solomons Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena has called on authorities distributing relief supplies to victims of last weeks earthquake and tsunami to fairly distribute aid.

Sir Nathaniel also urged people of the affected communities to cooperate and help each other.

It is understood during his weekend visit to affected villages of Leingana on Simbo, Sasamunga on Choiseul and Gizo, Sir Nathaniel's delegation received complaints of unequal distribution of relief supplies.

Sir Nathaniel has urged distributing authorities to discourage such unfair distribution practice and work towards helping those who are really in need.

Source: SIBC

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