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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Solomon Islanders spoke highly of Tony Scriver at Honiara memorial service today

About three hundred people today attended a memorial service in Honiara for Antonio (Tony) Scriva who died in a tragic accident last Sunday. Twenty six year old Tony Scriva was an RAMSI adviser with the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) and had worked in Solomon Islands for more than 18 months.

During the service at the Holy Cross Cathedral, staff of the OAG paid tribute to their friend and colleague presenting his wife, Anita Scriva, with a Solomon Islands flag signed by them.

Ian Zupiti Talasasa from the Office spoke of the sadness felt by colleagues who had been preparing for Tony Scriva’s farewell or “Go Finis” party which was to be held on Friday 27th April. Mr Talasasa said that Tony loved Solomon Islands.

“Tony left the comfort of his home and people to help us, Solomon Islanders, rebuild our country on the solid foundations of good governance and integrity.
He was a mentor, trainer and friend – well regarded by all of us.”

All speakers reflected on his love for Solomon Islands. Deputy Auditor General, Eric Muir, said that the young adviser epitomised what Auditor General Floyd Augustine Fatai calls ‘belongedness’.

“The word describes how some people become part of a new environment and just belong. He was patient and understanding. As a manager he was responsible for a raft of audits and coordinated the delivery of these whilst building capacity of the local team. His efforts in this area were exemplary.”

RAMSI Special Coordinator Tim George said Tony Scriva embodied the true ideal of the mission in the way he worked in partnership with Solomon Islanders.

“Tony made an enormous contribution – experienced yet youthful and vibrant – a terrific mix in an office that was gradually employing more young local recruits to build up a fearless audit function. It’s a tribute to his work and to his vibrant personality that so many people have come here today.”

Mr George thanked Solomon Islands Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare for offering condolences on behalf of the Government, and Finance Minister and Acting Foreign Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo for attending the service. The congregation included a wide cross section of Solomon Islanders and expatriates from all walks of life.

Yesterday, the Solomon Islands Auditor General arranged a ceremony for Anita Scriva to plant a tree in the High Court precinct where the car accident occurred as an enduring symbol of the positive impact of his time in Solomon Islands.

Source: RAMSI

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